The foolproof way to make exercise enjoyable

It's not what you think.

Lying is bad, right? Well, yes, but in some circumstances, maybe not. Hear me out. It’s no secret that positive actions result in positive feelings. However, I’ve recently come to realise that I, and I’m sure many others, actually enjoy feeling sorry for myself.
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Even as a fitness trainer, I regularly walk into an exercise class and instinctively tell myself, “I’m tired, my legs feel like dead weights, my knickers are uncomfortable, I’ve got such a long day ahead”, and the list goes on.

Yep, AS IF, I’m totally fine!

On a daily basis, I indulge in this kind of self pity, and the next thing I know, I’m ready to put an OUT OF ORDER sticker on my forehead and cry to my dog. So, I recently decided that feeling sorry for myself needed to be slightly less regular.

Instead, I tried lying to myself. I know it may sound drastic, but I swear it works. The aim is to ignore what you think you feel and tell yourself the opposite.
It may be easier said than done, but telling yourself you’re fine, your body is just lying (even when you’ve got a man-cold), can actually make exercise more enjoyable.

Not only could this positive mentality motivate you get to class, but it may carry through to the rest of your day, outside of the studio. That’s right, the next time someone asks you how your day has been, rather than replying with the usual (and draining) ‘“long, busy blah blah blah’, make a conscious effort to say “great, thanks.”  You may feel as though you’re lying to your pals at first, but after you’ve said it, you might realise you actually do feel great.
There’s definitely a time and a place for self pity and letting out your feelings is a great stress buster, but when you just need to get stuff done, a few white lies aren’t going to hurt. How you perceive and act upon your feelings is entirely up to you, so when life gives you lemons, pretend they’re donuts. Easy.

Words by Lizzie Bland, Founder of Lean Bean Fitness.

About Lizzie

Lizzie trained professionally in classical dance at The Urdang Academy in London, where a gruelling schedule made nutrition and health an essential part of daily life. Upon graduating, Lizzie was inspired to explore teaching and personal training. She went on to gain teaching and personal training qualifications, instructing at leading fitness studio’s in London, including Frame and Gymbox. After relocating from London to Sydney, she set up a bootcamp designed for fun, easy going girls who like to seriously sweat it out, but don’t take life (or themselves) too seriously. From this, Lean Bean Fitness was born.

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