The best sports towels for every workout

Don't leave any sweaty traces for the next gym goer or yogi.

If you’re familiar with proper gym etiquette, then you know that towels, along with the proper undies, are an essential part of your workout arsenal. Whether it be on the yoga mat or the squat rack, you don’t want to leave any sweaty traces for the next gym goer or yogi. Although there are amazing benefits to sweating, making sure your skin is dry after a workout is fundamental to avoiding health issues, like B.O and breakouts.
Keep scrolling to see a few of our favourite gym towels.

6 sports towels for every workout


Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel
via Mission

For your sweaty Soul Cycle sessions, you’ll need a lightweight, super absorbent towel to have handy while your crank up the levels on that stationary bicycle. A medium size towel is perfect to place over the handle bars.
Shop → Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel


Kickboxing, Tomboy Sport, sports towels, exercise
via Tomboy Sport

Make like Gigi and punch out all that energy. Just make sure you have the right equipment to support you. Chances are you won’t have time to fumble around for a big towel while class is in session. A small hand towel will – ahem, come in handy to just grab, swipe the sweat off, and keep going.
Shop → Tomboy Sport

Hot Yoga & Bikram 

Yoga Towel, sports towels, Yogitoes
via Nordstrom

Lightweight + super absorbent + grip is all you need. Yogitoes have got you covered with their perfect combination of silicon nubs and eco-friendly material to make sure you never have to worry about slipping in Downward Dog again.
Shop → Yogitoes “Flutter” Skidless Yoga Towel


Sports towels, gym towel
via Bambury

If you’re a cardio bunny or love hitting the weights rack, you need an all purpose sports towel to dry you through thick and thin. This microfibre 80% cotton style has you covered, literally. Trust me, you don’t want to be the one leaving sweat marks all over the equipment.

Shop → Bambury Microfibre Sports Towel 


Adidas Swim, towels
via The Iconic

Channeling your inner Michael Phelps won’t be a problem thanks to this cool Adidas Swim towel. Go from the pool to the streets seamlessly thanks to this stylish, functional swim bag must-have.
Shop → Adidas Towel


Nike golf towel, sports towels
via Rebel Sport

Whether you need to clean your clubs, golf balls or hands, Nike’s soft cotton golf towel has you covered.
Shop → Nike Embroidered Golf Towel

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