Victoria's Secret Model Alannah Walton Swears By These 5 Workout Moves

To get runway-ready!

Victorias Secret

The latest baby-faced beauty to grace the Victoria’s Secret Runway, Alannah Walton is the new Australian export already set to follow in the footsteps of models Miranda Kerr and Shanina Shaik.
With a fresh, flawless look and legs for days, Alannah is genetically blessed to say the least, but like Beyonce, she’s serious when it comes to honing her craft and spent hours sculpting her bod behind the scenes in the lead up to the latest Victoria’s Secret runway show.

victorias secret
Image: @alannahwalton

When not in New York, Alannah worked with Lean Bean Fitness—a Boutique Studio in Bondi Beach – spending five days a week training, mixing up her schedule with both cardio and toning classes while still managing two days for self care and rest in between.
We asked, Lizzie Bland—trainer and owner of Lean Bean Fitness—to let Amodrn readers’ in on the secret workout moves Alannah used to get that runway-ready Victoria’s Secret bod.
victorias secret
Image: @alannahwalton


“Similar to a squat but posture remains up-right as you bend at the knees. This move fires up the metabolism as well as the glutes and inner thighs.”
“It can be done in different positions such as feet wide with heels in, toes out or feet together in a ‘V’ position. After several reps, hold the position adding pulses and heel raises for extra burn.”

2.Reverse Burpee

“Great for circulation and boosting cardio fitness while also being a good alternative for those who get sore wrists easily in a burpee.”
“Roll back your shoulder blades like you’re rolling in a ball and use momentum to jump up in the air with arms overhead, landing with soft knees and repeat from the roll. Momentum is key! It will get easier after you’ve done a few but I’d suggest having a cushioned matt to protect your spine and don’t roll too far back.”

3.Tricep Dip

“This triple whammy exercise targets the back, shoulders and triceps – the visible areas in a crop top or VS bra!”
“Sitting down with your hands behind you and fingers facing towards your heels , lift your bum off the floor and bend and stretch at the elbows with the elbows going directly behind you. That’s one rep – see how many you can do in 1 minute.”

Victorias Secret
Image: @alannahwalton

4.TRX Row

“This compound exercise hits almost every muscle in the body so it will get your heart rate up and improve your overall fitness.”
“Holding onto the handles, palms facing in with feet and bum on the ground, pull yourself up, pinning the elbows close to the body and thrusting the hips up before lowering slowly back down. You can play around with the tempo too – ie. pull up quickly and lower as slow as you can and see how that intensifies the exercise.”

5.Crab Walks With Loop Band

“The resistance activates your adductor (outer thigh) muscles and glutes to tone and shape the bum.”
“Keeping your feet in parallel and knees bent the whole time, take side steps as far as you can go before returning back to the start point. Note: If you don’t have a resistance or loop band, you can tie a pair of tights/stocking around your calves a few times for the same effect.”

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