3 easy tricks for perfect post-workout hair

The busy girl's guide to working out without sacrificing a blowout.

In an ideal world, we’d have an endless supply of Nutella as well as unlimited time to devote to our strands. But, in reality we’re more than likely darting from the gym to work or hit snooze one too many times. This often results in messy, greasy, lack-lustre locks that aren’t exactly Rapunzel-worthy.
However, being busy doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. Keep scrolling to see three genius fixes that are a must-have in any busy girl’s arsenal.

The Dry Shampoo

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You’ve dragged yourself out of bed for a spin class (well done!), worked your butt off (literally), and now you’re wondering how to make your greasy, limp strands look presentable for that mid-morning meeting? Yep, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo promises to instantly transform lifeless hair. A saviour when you’re short on time (i.e. every morning) and a gym bag essential, this unique rice powder-based formula boasts natural volumizing and deodorizing agents, as well as a UV filter, to refresh and revitalise strands. Not to mention, it’s tinted. The light tone offers subtle violet undertones to help balance brassiness on blondes, while the dark tone is designed to maintain richness and dimension, with no chalky residue, for brunette beauties.

The Treatment

hair oil, treatment, shiny hair, post-workout hair, moroccanoil
It’s no secret that the weather, stress, heat styling and hair colouring can wreak havoc with delicate strands. That’s why we love Moroccanoil Treatment. This product is award winning, and for good reason. Infused with Moroccanoil’s signature argan oil, this treatment works to add glossy, salon-fresh shine, as well as combat frizz and protect against harmful environmental stressors. Pop it in your gym bag for post-workout touch-ups.

The Root Boost

Root Boost, volume, hair, post-workout, moroccanoil
If you’ve ever wanted to red carpet worthy bounce and oh-so-sexy texture with minimal effort, you’re in for a treat. Moroccanoil Root Boost is formulated to provide long lasting; natural-looking height and lift, instantly thickening hair at the root without compromising healthy condition and shine. Just spritz, blow-dry and go. It’s really that simple.

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