SWEAT Trainer, Kelsey Wells On How She Stays Motivated All-Year Round

Follow these 4 steps for success!

kelsey wells
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Many women often ask me about staying motivated particularly during those cold winter months when we’d rather be curled up on the sofa. In celebration of SWEAT NATION, a 30-day healthy habits challenge, I wanted to share my top tips to stay motivated through winter in order to get those healthy habits in place for spring. 

1. Discard the guilt

One of the biggest hurdles we face is the guilt we allow to cloud our minds when we fall out of our routine. It’s important to understand that any guilt we place on ourselves is far more unhealthy than skipping a workout or indulging a little more than normal. Instead, focus on the healthy choices you make, rather than dwelling on and feeling guilty about your not so healthy ones.
Replace that guilt with a commitment to yourself to make your next choice a healthier one. Do the best you can under the circumstances and know that it is perfectly okay to slip up from time to time. When you can, get moving with a quick PWR at-home session or a stretch session in your living room—the key is to move your body and be active in some way whenever you can fit it into your schedule. 


2. Be flexible

Fitness is simply about caring for our health, and what that looks like fluctuates throughout life so it’s important to be flexible with yourself. This is going to be harder some days more than others, especially on those cold winter days, but it all comes down to prioritisation. Where you can, work your days around your priorities, but be open and flexible with how that looks.
Remove the stress when things don’t go according to plan and take it as an opportunity to mix up your routine and incorporate a new way to get active. Flexibility was so important to me when creating my PWR at Home program as I wanted women to be at ease knowing they could work out in the comfort of their own home rather than braving the bad weather to get to the gym. It’s also important to remember that resting when you are unwell is just as crucial to your fitness journey as working out is when you are well. 

3. Celebrate the little wins

Take each day as it comes and learn to celebrate the little things you do that contribute towards living a healthier and happier life. Remember that not all progress is physical—we can succeed each day just by moving, staying hydrated or fueling our body with nutrient-rich foods. It is so important to lose the all or nothing mentality and focus on doing the best you can every day. Success might look different day to day but the small progress you make today can turn into big progress tomorrow. 

kelsey wells

4. Don’t give up

Last but not least—do not give up! When doubt starts to creep in, life throws you off or you can’t get out of the house for a walk because it’s raining, stop, breathe and remind yourself how strong you are and how powerful you have become. Life won’t always go to plan, you will have “off” days but instead of getting discouraged, lift your head up high and stay positive. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing your best and recognising that this will look different from day to day. There is no such thing as failing until you quit, so ditch the guilt, be flexible, don’t give up and find your motivation in self-love. 
Staying on track with your fitness journey is not always easy, especially during the colder months, but it’s important to remember that fitness is about caring for our health—mental, emotional, and physical. Your fitness journey is just that, a lifelong journey to care for your health, which in turn will help you to feel empowered in all aspects of your life. 

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