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For us Aussies, surfing is an integral part of our culture and a year-round sport. There isn’t a beach that goes un-surfed or a car that isn’t packed with a couple of boards for those “just in case moments”. From pre to post office hours, we’ll always find a way to take a dip in the ocean and slide along with Mother Nature. And why wouldn’t you? Surfing is an amazing full body workout that makes you feel great during and after. Not to mention, it helps create a lean and toned physique, all by simply having fun in the water.
Unfortunately, it’s not accessible to everyone. There are times when life gets in the way, your commute to the ocean is that bit too far, or your paddling fitness not up to par. Or maybe (like us) you’re just not into the whole winter wetsuit thing (although spring suits can be a serious fashion addition to your workout wardrobe).

Enter: Surfset Fitness

If you’re looking to steer clear from the same ol’ workout routine, or even kickstart your pop-up’s and duck dives for the next tropical holiday, we may have found the next best thing.
SurfSet Fitness is the answer to your stability, core, fitness and endurance maintenance. And we can’t help but think this new full body workout will do wonders to our bodies, in and out of the water.

Developed and designed by a former hockey player who wanted to maintain the lean physique he gained from surfing the Californian shores in the off season, SurfSet was named by Self Magazine as one of the best companies to come out of Shark Tank, the entrepreneurial show that boosted many successful businesses.
Fast forward to today, SurfSet fitness is gaining attraction world-wide, with studios and classes opening near and far from the oceanside. It’s your mainstream fitness moves (burpees, lunges, squats…) disguised as a fun training session to get you surfing like Kelly Slater while obtaining Alana Blanchard‘s, um, assets.
The surfboard like machine mimics the workout you get while surfing and engages all the muscles required for stability, strength and flexibility. You get to pop-up (a.k.a burpees), get barrelled (a.k.a squats), duck dive (a.k.a pushups) and work on your paddling strength all in the comfort of the (thankfully) dry studio or living room. Throw in a bit of yoga for flexibility, mental and physical strength, and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn at the end of the 45min session.
Classes are available worldwide, and you can visit the website to find one nearest you. You can also purchase the board and workout from the comfort of your own living room. Whatever it is, SurfSet will have you shredding, wherever and whenever.

SurfSet Fitness

Website: www.surfsetfitness.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SurfSET/

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