Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw: How Their Health & Fitness Routines Change With The Season

Think more fresh fruit and walks outside!

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Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw of are all-year-round, healthy living kinda girls. They don’t admit to changing up a whole lot when it comes to how they move and fuel their bods with the seasons, but there are a few tweaks they make once the weather starts to warm up:
“Our routine doesn’t change too much really as we move into spring,” says Steph. “This is because we work out to feel good and not to just look good, wanting to feel good isn’t a seasonal thing… we always want to feel good!”

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“The only thing that changes is we end up walking a whole lot more so our mental state definitely improves! In the colder months, we want to rug up and only workout in the gym, and when we do go for our walks they’re nowhere near as long and certainly aren’t as enjoyable considering we’re usually wearing multiple layers and hiding our hands from the cold in our pockets!”
“In spring, the sun is up earlier and stays up for longer, so we’re always drawn to the outdoors and end up going on power walks more often than the gym. Laura runs outdoors a lot more than running on the treadmill.”
steph claire smith

Steph on…

Her favourite outdoor workouts: 
Long walks for sure! I still walk often in colder months because I like to take my dog Ari for walks to make sure he’s getting his exercise in, but in spring/summer they become a lot more frequent and longer! Ive also really gotten into running this year and I rarely run outdoors, maybe this will change over spring/summer.
Where you’ll find her on a Sunday morning:
Waking up to Ari jumping up on the bed for a family cuddle with Josh. Sundays are also when me and my mate Jenni do a KIC workout in the garage together and then all go out for a big Sunday brunch afterwards.
Her spring eating regime: 
It doesn’t really change much except I enjoy fruit a lot more in spring and summer. They’re often my go-to for breakfast and snacks during the warmer months.

laura henshaw

Laura on…

Her favourite outdoor workouts: 

Running. We have just moved down the beach and I can’t wait to get more long beach runs in.

Where you’ll find her on a Sunday morning:

Having a coffee and a lazy morning with my partner Dalton and our new dog Billy. We love our lazy Sunday mornings before we go out and run or go to the gym together.

Her spring eating regime: 

I try to eat well all-year-round, but I definitely eat more fruit in summer. I love cherries, watermelon and stone fruit.

How can you mix things up this season to make the most of spring?

  • Wake up earlier
  • Workout in the afternoon because it’s still light
  • Go on more long walks and opt to workout outdoors more so than in the gym

Want to learn more from the girls? Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of will be at the Fitness Show across the whole weekend, October 13 & 14 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, running a HIIT/boxing workout and conducting a free talk in the Wellness Hub. For more information visit

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