Sqirl and Sweetgreen Teamed Up For This Limited-Edition Lunch Bowl

We'll be the first in line on October 13th.

There are few things that Los Angeles’ Westside-dwellers would venture over the 405 freeway for—but Jessica Koslow’s Sqirl breakfast is one that is not only worthy of the commute, but the very long line out the door that’s sure to greet you once you reach your destination.
What started as artfully-crafted slices of toast (yes, toast) in 2011 has transformed into a full-blown empire of breakfast and lunch meals that happily marry everyday dishes with refined ingredients, like the chicken salad topped with dehydrated citrus and a black garlic vinaigrette. Heavily inspired by the seasonal produce of the moment, the menu changes daily—which might be why the Silverlake restaurant is the perfect new partner for the popular chain Sweetgreen.

via Sqirl
via Sqirl

The two paired up to create a new bowl for Sweetgreen’s menu that’s out-of-this-world amazing—or so we’re guessing. It’s based on one of Sqirl’s most popular dishes, the Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl, and drops on October 13th in all of Sweetgreen’s Los Angeles locations. The original Sqirl version is more for the breakfast and brunch-set: Think crispy rice, nut-free sorrel pesto, a poached egg, sheep’s milk feta, and a dash of hot sauce.
Sweetgreen’s take on the classic is ideal for dinner, subbing rice for warm quinoa and a poached egg for protein-heavy roasted steelhead. And Sweetgreen is, after all, a salad joint, so expect to see more kale, carrots, cucumbers, and fresh herbs mixed into the whole thing.
Hearty proteins, greens, and serving of the tastiest healthy fats imaginable (we’re looking at you, sorrel pesto). Honestly, what more could a health-conscious Angeleno want?
Get yourself to your local Sweetgreen ASAP—the Sqirl Dinner Bowl will only be on the menu until November 6, which means you’ve merely three weeks to get your life together and order it. Trust, your taste buds and your stomach won’t want to miss this.

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