Sporte The Frenchie: My Day On A Plate

See what gets my paw of approval.

Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca CheahFor those of you who know me, have spotted me prancing the streets of Paddington and asked for my paw-tograph, or just stalked my Instagram feed (no judgement here), you’ll know that I’m one hot and in-demand Frenchie. My latest gigs have included; gracing the cover and catalogues of DOGUE and testing out the DYSON pet vacuum cleaner (as pricey as it is, it gets the job done…mum seriously froths over the Dyson).
With this in mind, the lovely ladies at Amodrn decided it was time for me to feature in their celebrity section of My Day On A Plate. I gotta say (paw up) … talk to my manager Sara Flanagan at IMG, please. But hey, the girls let me nibble on their toes in the office so I thought I’d skip the formalities.
Anyway, read on and take note for your own little fur babies.


Still asleep…
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah


Head out to my bowl waiting for dry food. My mum recently brought home Ivory Coat Ocean Fish and Salmon. I give it a ten outta ten, but not sure the oldies loved it, apparently I had super smelly fish breath!
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah


I’m in the Amodrn office most days, which is bor-ring! Mum and the girls are just so darn busy, which means no one wants to play.
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah, fawn french bulldog


By noon I’m parched – Georgia and Emily’s toes seriously dry my mouth out (yes, I have a foot fetish). They def need a pedicure and some of those tubes that are sitting in the Amodrn office. Cough, Cough. Oh yeah where was I? Parched… you’ll either find me slurping up coconut water or tucking into mums sour green juice from Bread and Circus. I lap that stuff up.
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah


It’s treat time. I know that if I pull one of my famous party faces, the old folks will throw me a treat. They’re usually yoghurt drops. Mum’s super healthy and only allows me to eat nutritious foods.
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah, fawn french bulldog


Whenever I see mum in the kitchen, I know that…drum roll…she’s prepping my dinner. Not sure I should be saying this but I sometimes catch her eating it too (seriously is that normal)? Not sure why she puts all that weird stuff in it (Chia Seeds, fresh chicken stock, lean beef mince, green beans, corn, broccoli and carrot), but god damn it tastes like heaven.
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah


Ok, I eat fast. 30 seconds. I always have room for a second serving, so I sit and stare, hoping she gets it. But she never does. Wish she spoke my language. Still hungry mum 🙁
Sporte The Frenchie, Bianca Cheah
So there you have it, my day on a plate.

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