SoulCycle Have Opened A New Bike-Free Studio In NYC, SoulAnnex

Image: SoulAnnex

While there seems to be a spin studio on every corner in NYC and LA these days, there’s undoubtedly one name that started it all —  SoulCycle. Since opening in 2006, they’ve completely changed the way we look at indoor cycling, paving the way for so many boutique spin studios. That’s why it comes as a bit of a surprise that at their new studio, SoulAnnex, there’s not a bike in sight!
SoulAnnex opened its doors in NYC’s Flatiron district last week and from all reports, it has everything you know and love about SoulCycle — the immersive neon environment, the pumping tunes and the super enthusiastic instructors. But instead of spin, there are three different type of classes. According to the website, there’s:
MOVE: “Feel the beat, embrace the rhythm, and experience how energy and momentum can take your workout to the next level.”
DEFINE: “Set intentions and sculpt strong muscles by drawing on high-intensity interval training and plyometrics to achieve your highest level of physical fitness.”
ALIGN: “Release tight muscles and improve core strength through the practice of active recovery, taking care of the body and mind.”
While the timetable is packed-out with fun, high-intensity workouts, there’s a few standouts — the Cardio Kombat, which features choreographed fight routines and the rhythm-infused, surf-inspired BootYCamp. If the sound of these classes don’t make you want to check out the new studio, this epic video definitely will!

So, if you’re all about the good vibes and endorphin high you get at Soul Cycle but aren’t keen on the whole cycling thing, SoulAnnex could be for you. You can purchase single sessions or pay for up to 30 sessions in bulk here.

“we have pressed juice on tap”

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The lowdown

Address: SoulAnnex, 32 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212.367.7597
Instagram: @soulannex

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