6 Beauty Prods You Didn't Know You Needed For 'Down There'

We're talking things like spritzers and illuminators.

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You probably trot out a two-hour pamper sesh complete with a meticulously planned skincare regimen, full body exfoliation, eyebrow pluck and hair mask at the drop of a hat, but have you ever considered giving your vagina the same treatment?

Well, the time is now girlfriend! As V-talk becomes less taboo and more widely talked about across the mainstream, now is the time to look into what sort of care your vagina might need. There’s ample discussion on how much cleaning a vagina actually requires, bearing in mind the delicate pH balance and proneness to irritation, but keeping things fresh and clean is a must.

Here’s a collection of beauty products for your downstairs that have hit the shelves recently.

1. The Honey Pot Normal Wash

beauty products vagina
Image: thehoneypot.co

Created by a bad-ass feminist brand, this intimate care wash is, *cue hallelujah music*, free from toxic chemicals and unnecessary fragrances. Formulated with plant-based goodness, The Honey Pot’s Normal Wash is made for girls and women who are not usually prone to sensitivity, but there is an option for gals with sensitive Vs. This shower staple works to banish odour-causing bacteria with every use, balance pH levels with natural plant essences and boost moisture levels to avoid dryness. Well, we can get on board with that.
Shop here.

2. Love Wellness Do It All Wipes

beauty products vagina
Image: lovewellness.co

Need to freshen up in a hurry? These wipes from Love Wellness (Lo Bosworth’s line for any Laguna Beach fans) are pH-balanced with natural ingredients and are OB/GYN-recommended. Designed specifically to clean the delicate skin of your vulva, these wipes are pH friendly and free from skin-irritating chemicals. They’re also infused with aloe vera, soothing chamomile, and coconut oil—which is a natural anti-bacterial.
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3. The Perfect V Gentle Exfoliator

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Image: theperfectv.com

An exfoliator for your V seems like a bathroom staple, no? This gentle formula rejuvenates and enhances delicate skin, while helping to ward off ingrown hairs and other bikini-line related bumps. It combines natural AHA acids like lemon, sugarcane and orange extracts with the soothing properties of jojoba oil.

Shop here.

4. Queen V The Spritzer

beauty products vagina
Image: queenvlife.com

Basically a face mist for your vajayjay, this spritz is the perfect pick-me-up when you want a quick refresh. This hydrating and refreshing rosewater spray is designed to control odour and revive your V. Paraben free, alcohol free and phthalate free, this formula is the perfect go-anywhere item.
Shop here.

5. The Perfect V Luminizer

beauty products vagina
Image: theperfectv.com

Ok ok, we fear we might be venturing into the highly unnecessary here. Pretty much a highlighter for your V, this cream is “designed to add some extra prettiness to the bikini area.” Hmmm. It’s enriched with vitamin E, which renews and improves the skin to keep it looking youthful and fresh (and let’s face it—nobody wants a prematurely aged vagina, #amiright?). The iridescent colour brightens and well, luminizes the area. Shine bright, vaginas!
Shop here.

6. Janna Intimate Sheet Masks

beauty products vagina
Image: janna.co.uk

If you’re anything like us, you’re always game for a sheet mask. There’s just something about them that feels so… glam? Well, now you can treat yourself to the ultimate pamper for your vagina. These masks are imbued with aloe and rose water, and you simply apply it to your underwear like you would a panty liner, chill the F out for an hour or so and remove. Whatever next?!
Shop here. 

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