Simply Wearing These Chic-As-Hell Stickers Could Cure Your Anxiety

What you need to know about the frequency healing trend hitting Instagram.

Body Vibes is a startup based out of L.A. getting a ton of buzz right now on the wellness scene. Founded by estheticians, Leslie Kritzer and Madison DeClerq, the brand has developed a line of chic stickers that claim to help anxiety, stress, insomnia, and period pain with the power of good vibes.
Kritzer and her team draw on an alternative healing method called “frequency patches” or “smart stickers” that operate under the belief that our bodies work best when we’re vibrating at a specific internal frequency — a sweet spot in the neighborhood of 62-72Hz. The stickers are “programmed” to mimic this optimum level, and Kritzter says you can “[Replenish] any deficiencies” and raise your “vibration to the perfect frequency” by wearing them for a month.
This all might sound a little woo-woo, and your skepticism is justified — there aren’t exactly large-scale studies backing up the efficacy of frequency patches. However, the alternative healing method does have a lot of followers, and Kritzer herself launched the company after successfully using smart stickers to naturally manage her own anxiety and her husband’s arthritis. This experience inspired her to develop a contemporary line of creatively-designed smart stickers that millennial women would actually want to wear.
Whether or not they actually work for you (you’ll have to test them out to determine that!), the Insta-famous health crowd is already jumping on the Body Vibes trend, and swearing by the virtues of smart stickers. And let’s be real — even if they don’t magically make you a happier, less-stressed person, they still make a pretty cute accessory.
Keep scrolling to learn more about Body Vibes with co-founder Leslie Kritzer. 

Where did you learn about the technology behind Body Vibes?
My husband had a bad episode with rheumatoid arthritis and was referred to a naturopath holistic doctor who works with alternative and functional medicine. He was given frequency patches to help with joint pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
How have frequency patches helped you personally?
Having terrible anxiety myself, and having been prescribed anti-anxiety medications that caused negative side effects, I was delighted to learn of a non-chemical, non-drug alternative to manage my anxiety. These frequency patches were a life-changing event for my husband and I. I spent the following three years romancing the engineer/manufacturer of the frequency patches to give me exclusive rights to use his technology with my body art concept to create a revolutionary line of smart stickers for everyday lifestyle struggles.
What other health issues can frequency patches help with?
They are non-toxic and free of chemicals [and offer] a healthier alternative to health and mood concerns like stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia.

body vibes stickers, anxiety stickers
via Body Vibes

Break it down for us — how exactly do the stickers work?
Body Vibes work by targeting the central nervous system, a hub of energy powered by a network of electrical signals that vibrate along our nerves, controlling everything we do, including our responses to pleasure and pain. The bio-frequencies programmed into Body Vibes mimic the frequencies already existing in our body. For this reason, they travel across our electrical pathways, replenishing any deficiencies, raising our vibration to the perfect frequency.
How long do the stickers take to work?
We recommend wearing Body Vibes daily, for at least one month, to experience a positive energy shift that sparks the body’s amazing ability to heal from within.
body vibes stickers, anxiety stickers
via @bodyvibes

How long does one sticker last?
72 hours or three days. The material used to create Body Vibes was originally developed for NASA and used to line the spacesuits of astronauts. The radio frequency material is embedded with carbon fragments encoded with a specific frequency that are able to hold their charge for 72 hours.
Is it safe for everyone to use?
Absolutely! Even pregnant women. It’s not intended for children under 13 years of age, as they have their own specific frequencies. However, it will not harm them. Little Vibes coming soon!
Are there any side-effects?
When we have an emotional block, the Body Vibes will help to move that energy and release it. For sensitive people who are not accustomed to body work like acupuncture, Reiki healing, yoga, and massage, may become overwhelmed by the emotional purging. Once these negative or challenging emotions are released our body is clear and in a good flow. Its like driving and hitting all the green lights.

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