The Sex Positions That Burn The Most Calories

They double as exercise.

Sex positions
couple kissing in the bedroom

It’s common knowledge that sex is more enjoyable than hitting the pavement, and there are many documented health benefits. But does sex really count as exercise?
According to a personal trainer, yoga coach, health journalist, and Amodrn contributor, Cassie White’s sexercise is the real deal. “A marathon session where you’re flinging yourselves around for 30 minutes or more is great for improving your endurance,” she says. “The more active you are, the better workout it’ll be – so get moving!”
As for actual calories burnt, that’s debatable. “How many calories you burn between the sheets depends on how hot and heavy you’re getting,” says White. “If it’s a slow, romantic romp, it won’t be many. But if you’re going the distance for an hour or so, complete with plenty of twists and turns, you could potentially scorch a few hundred,” says White.

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While sexercise may not be enough to hang up your running shoes just yet (bummer!), we’ve rounded up a few sex positions that will help keep the passion alive in the bedroom and target key muscle groups.

1. Doggy-style

Doggy-style, sex positions, exercise
This position forces you to turn on your triceps, shoulders, and upper-back muscles because you have to use your arms to support yourself. “You’ll also need to brace through your core – hello, sexy tone!” says White.

2. Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl, sex positions, exercise
Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl (pictured above) help strengthen your butt, inner thighs, and core. To maintain a good rhythm, you need to keep those muscles “on” to stop yourself from collapsing into a hot, sweaty heap, recommends White.

3. Standing

Standing, sex positions, exercise
Sex standing up is not for the faint-hearted; it is the ultimate test of a bum, thigh, and calf strength. As White explains, “chances are you’ll also be doing it while holding your body weight (and some of your partners) on one leg.” Tip: This may be easier to do if one of you is sitting on a lounge or sturdy chair.

4. Bridge

Bridge, sex positions, exercise
If you practice yoga you may be familiar with this position. “It’s what’s known in the fitness world as a ‘posterior chain’ exercise. In other words, the bridge strengthens every muscle that runs along the back of your body. Think butt, hamstrings, back, and shoulders. As a bonus, you’ll also get stronger arms,” says White.

5. Lotus

Lotus, sex positions, exercise
In this intimate pose, your arms and legs are wrapped tightly around each other’s backs. You’ll need to use your core and abs to pull your pelvis up and down.

6. The Squat

If you’ve mastered cowgirl, it’s time to try a squat. You’re on top, but rather than rest your knees on the bed, rest your feet on the bed. “Do this position enough times, and you’ll have the strongest thighs in Australia! It’s not for the first-timer; you’ll experience pleasure and pain,” warns White.

Please note: If any of these positions cause you pain, stop and consult a medical professional. Do not try these moves if you have any injuries or serious health conditions.

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