Here Are Just a Few Reasons to Become Gluten-Free, According to Breadblok

From less inflammation to optimal gut health.

gluten free bread
Image: Courtesy of Breadblok

While there are 18 million people in the U.S. that are sensitive to gluten, statistics have also shown that 31% of consumers who eat gluten-free bread do so more as a lifestyle choice. With more and more people buying gluten-free breads, consumers do have to deal with one particular drawback–it can spoil much quicker than regular gluten breads. This is due to the higher moisture content and lack of added preservatives. But other than this, what are some other reasons to go gluten-free?

So, what are a few reasons to gluten-free? Chloé Charlier, the founder of the famous, LA gluten-free bakery Breadblok, is here to help. Chloe was raised on gluten-free recipes that started back three generations ago with her grandparents in Provence, France. Today, Breadblok sells an average of 2,100 gluten-free loaves per week! Keep reading to learn more.

reasons to become gluten-free
Image: Courtesy of Breadblok

Here Are Just a Few Reasons to Become Gluten-Free, According to Breadblok

1) Address allergies or intolerances

The current worldwide prevalence of celiac disease is estimated to be 1.4%, according to a study published by the AGA Institute in 2018. Millions beyond this are thought to have gluten sensitivity. Intolerances can show up in ways and be difficult to diagnose until gluten is removed from an individual’s diet.

2) Reduce inflammation

If an individual has celiac or gluten sensitivity, their body is mistaking gluten as a threat to the system, which in turn causes an immune system reaction. This leads to inflammation and damage to intestinal tracts and other parts of the body, resulting in widespread pain, often in joints and muscles.

3) Optimize gut health

One’s diet has a major influence on the health of their gut. It has been shown that opting for a gluten-free diet can improve an individual’s overall microbiome diversity and digestive health.

4) Clear your mind

The feeling of “brain fog” is a common and often overlooked, side effect of consuming gluten. This out-of-it sensation is caused by a reaction to certain antibodies in gluten.

gluten sensitivity
Image: Courtesy of Breadblok

5) Ease bloating

Bloating, along with stomach pain, are two of the most reported symptoms of people who are sensitive or intolerant to gluten. By removing gluten from their diet, these individuals will feel immediate and visible relief.

Meet Our Experts:

Breadblok sets a new standard in gluten-free baking, using only the finest, purest ingredients to make artisan breads, pastries, and more that satisfy the needs of every health-conscious lifestyle. Most importantly, they do so without sacrificing taste, and everything is handmade from scratch. Ingredients are 100% organic, and everything is made with only the necessities, free of gums, soy, and refined sugars.

Bringing reimagined French stapes to the heart of LA, Breadblok’s café and bakery feature a delicious seasonal menu of gluten-free breads, croissants, tarts, donuts, scones, vegan milks, quiches, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, organic jams, and so much more. They also have a variety of products that ship nationwide.

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