A Day in The Life of Rachael Finch: MCT Coffee, Salted Caramel Smoothies & Epsom Salt Baths…

See what's in her daily routine.

rachael finch

When it comes to this thing called life, Rachael Finch seems to have it all worked out. Not only has the former Miss Universe Australia built herself a successful career as a model and business woman, at 29-years-old, she is the founder of online program, BODY by Finch, activewear label, B.O.D by Finch, a qualified PT, a wife, a mother of two gorgeous children–and all-round healthy living advocate who we just can’t help but aspire to.
If you follow her on Instagram, you’d know that she loves nothing more than cooking up healthy recipes for her and her family and no matter how busy she gets, always finds a way to squeeze in some exercise (even if it’s in her lounge room with a cushion used as a weight). Basically, we want to know exactly what she does and how she does it—no details spared! Read on as we chat to Rachael about how she manages to achieve a life of balance:

What does your morning routine look like? 

Not every morning is the same due to the nature of my work, however I try to incorporate the same elements at the beginning of the day to set me up for the next 24hrs! Dominic is my human alarm at around 5.30 or 6 every day. I jump into an ice cold shower then take him and Simba [dog] downstairs for a walk around the park. I stretch, meditate and have my fave coffee mix—MCT coffee. It consists of black coffee, grass-fed butter, Melrose MCT oil, turmeric, cinnamon and maca powder. I am now ready to take on the day with an open heart!

You swear by MCT coffee to start your day! Can you take us through some of the benefits you personally experience?

The most obvious benefits I experience is clarity and mental alertness throughout my day. I feel sustained for a long period and studies have shown it to help with the bodies fat burning ability. In addition, it’s creamy, delicious and so satisfying!

Can you describe for us your typical day on a plate?

Every day is different. I try to change up the ingredients I consume to get a good mix of vitamins and minerals needed for the body. On BODY By Finch, our breakfast usually consists of a smoothie packed with awesomeness—the choc blueberry is one of my faves and I’ll have this as my first meal after my coffee whenever I get hungry. Lunch may include leftovers from dinner—chicken coconut curry and dinner is a piece of protein with vegetables or salad.

What exactly does health mean to you?

It’s a way of life. It’s not something I dip in and out of whenever I feel like it, but a commitment to my body and my mind.

rach finch
Image: @rachael_finch

Where did your passion for healthy eating come from?

I grew up in a family that cooked from home most nights. We had the occasional ‘take-out’, but I remember always seeing my mum and step-mum preparing food from scratch in the kitchen. Our family also has a fruit and vegetables farm outside of Townsville and on weekends we would take trips to visit and pick produce straight from the trees! I love getting creative in the kitchen and I dislike feeling slow or sluggish after a meal, so I aim to create healthy versions of some of the classics.

What are ten ingredients that are always on your weekly grocery list?

Seed crackers
Coconut milk
Coconut oil
Macadamia nuts
Frozen berries

Ultimate smoothie combo?

The salted caramel smoothie from my program—Banana, Vanilla protein powder, macadamias, nut milk, dates, sea salt, vanilla and oats. Yum!

Top tips for keeping sugar cravings at bay?

Include more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in the diet. If I limit these ‘good fats’ I notice the hormonal activity in my body begins to appear out of alignment and so I start craving sugary or processed foods. In addition, meditation daily keep me calm and grounded, reducing the desire to crave junk.

What does your current fitness regime look like?

My fitness is mixed throughout the week with HIIT sessions, endurance training and yoga-inspired stretch sessions. Exactly what you see in my program Body By Finch. I find this combination works best and gets great results. There’s a good mix of strength-based work, cardiovascular training and stretching. I try to listen to my body and choose which days I will do each on. No matter what, I move my body every day in some way.

Top tips on staying motivated to workout?

Write down your goals. Remind yourself why. Turn on some music. Call someone that gets you going. And if those don’t work, how about being grateful for actually being able to get up and move your body, a blessing not given to everyone.

Image: @rachael_finch

How do you find balance as a busy mum and how do you prioritise health for your children?

Incorporating healthy habits throughout the day is a way of life for us. Violet [daughter] loves helping me make our morning smoothie and often the kids are on the balcony with us during our workouts. I think it’s important to incorporate them into the daily movement activities and home cooking so they learn the reasons why and it becomes a ‘normal’ habit. It’s a balancing act every day to manage our businesses, home life, appointments and all the life throws at us. I try to listen to my body and keep as many elements ticked off to ensure smooth sailing.

Apart from fitness and nutrition, how do you practice self-love?

Taking time for me is scheduled into my calendar just like any other appointment. Misha [husband] knows I love spending the 5 minutes to drink my morning coffee on the balcony so I use that time alone to enjoy my brew and think about what I want to achieve that day. I spend time alone, take Epsom salt baths, get massages or just meditate in my room in peace and quiet while the kids are napping. This self-love is absolutely crucial for ultimate health and happiness and I can’t imagine a life without it.

rachael finch
Image: @rachael_finch

Five rules for living a healthy, happy life?

1. Breathe deeper and spend more time in the present
2. Move your body daily
3. Eat food to nourish and repair your body
4. Expose your body to sunlight
5. Find your passions and incorporate them into your week

What are some projects you’re working on at the moment and what’s next on your to-do list?

A lot of our energy and love is being put into Body By Finch. We are building such an awesome community of women who are creating positive changes in their life, whether that’s gaining more daily energy, eating healthier, losing weight or finding more time for themselves! We are always filming new and exciting workouts and testing new recipes in the kitchen. I have also been working with the team on launching our new B.O.D by Finch activewear collection at MFBWA.

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