Pressed Juicery's Healthy Gummy Bears Are Finally Here And We're Obsessed

They're actually good for you!

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Last year, when gourmet candy boutique Sugarfina announced on their Instagram that they were releasing ‘Green Juice Gummy Bears’, we were pumped. Gummy bears that actually have nutritional value? Yes please! Naturally, we immediately started making plans to buy at least 10 bottles. Then, we realised what the date was — April 1st. Aka. April Fools Day. We had been duped!
It seems we weren’t the only ones. Customers started calling in, desperately wanting to know where they could get their hands on their healthy gummy bears. Like us, they were slightly devastated to discover that the gummies did not, in fact, exist. But the folks at Sugarfina ain’t no gummy dummies. They saw an opportunity to give their customers exactly what they wanted and they took it.
They called up their LA neighbours Pressed Juicery to chat about a collaboration. Thankfully, they were on board. So now, more than a year later, Sugarfina’s prank has finally become a reality!

The all natural gummy bears are made out from Pressed Juicery’s green juice — a blend of spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger concentrate. With no artificial flavors or additives, they get their coloring from spirulina and turmeric. They’re also fat free, gluten free and one serving provides you with 20 percent of your daily vitamins A and C.
Oh, and of course there’s also the fact that they’re made out of gelatin — which happens to be ah-mazing for your hair, skin and nails. Of course, the gummy bears aren’t calorie or sugar free. After all, they do have to taste like candy! But as far as the occasional treat goes, they’re definitely not the worst option out there.

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The green juice bears come in three different sizes and range from $3 to $14. There are 15.4 oz and 7.6 oz bottles full of mama and baby  (normal size and mini gummies), plus a 1.7 oz mini shot-size bottle full of baby bears. Sugarfina are also selling a “Green Juice” 7-Day Gummy Bear Cleanse, which includes 7 shot-size bottles for $23.
They’re currently on sale at select Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery stores across the US and  online. Oh, and for those who love gummy bears as a fro-yo topping: you can also get the bears as a topping for Freeze, Pressed Juicery’s dairy-free, gluten-free soft-serve. We can’t think of a more perfect post-beach treat!

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