Pokè: the new bowl taking over the wellness scene

They're nothing short of delicious.


Have you tried pokè? There’s been a pokè phase lately, but not the one you think. Rest assured, it has nothing do to with those virtual little furry friends that have invaded your smartphone (and possibly your social life).

New to pokè? Okay… here’s the lowdown:

Hailing from the island of Hawaii, pokè (pronounced POH-keh) is a customizable raw-fish dish. It is essentially deconstructed sushi in a bowl. Yes, it’s 2016 and officially the year of the bowl (burrito bowl, smoothie bowl, macro bowl…the list goes on).
With pokè bowls, raw fish is diced and marinated in oil (often soy or sesame oil), and then added to your choice of veggies, seaweed and/or rice. It has the childlike fun of make-your-own dish, with the added benefit of being healthy and, affordable.

Great day in New York City for a poké bowl in the ☀️ . . 📷: @cleanfooddirtycity

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Where to get your pokè fix:

The trend has made it’s way to Aussie shores in the form of Fishbowl, Bondi’s first pokè dedicated restaurant. You can choose from glass noodles, carrots or cabbage as a base if you want to steer clear of plain rice. Toppings include, but are not limited to, avocado, edamame, seaweed and beetroot. They even have toasted coconut if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. With a slogan like “everything will be pOKe”, it’s safe to say a good sense of humour and solid food-stagraming skills are a must when you visit.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself state-side, mecca of the pokè explosion, there are many places to try out. L.A has a plethora of “pokè Shops” along the coast, so you’ll be sure to get your fix wherever you go:

  • Sweetfin Pokè in Santa Monica has some great beach vibes along with some tasty fish. Try out one of their signature bowls, or BYOB (build-your-own-bowl).
  • A-Frame in Culver City is a must, thanks to Roy Choi’s asian-fusion collaboration.
  • AhiPoki Bowls will have you running for the hills. Hollywood, that is. Their unusual toppings and great fish selection will have you on choice overload.
  • Spinfish Poke House has two locations; Pasadena and newly opened Santa Monica. They offer innovative bowls such as the Caribbean Bowl with hamachi and salsa.

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The Big Apple also has plenty of fish on offer, and pokè bowls are popping up in restaurants across manhattan.

  • Wisefish Poke is a laid back sea food shop that has all the essentials for making a delectable bowl. They even have the option of zoodles as a base.
  • Noreetuh in the West Village dubs itself a “modern Hawaii”, which means their pokè is artfully crafted and nothing short of delicious. We approve.
  • Sons of Thunder in Murray Hill describes its food as “what you might find on a sunny day at a beach shack”. With this is mind, seriously fresh and colourful bowls await.

With spring (or autumn) poking it’s head (see what we did there?) just a couple of months away, we like to know we’ve got some tasty options available for when we want to give the soups a rest. Bon apetit!

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