PLATEFIT Uses Vibration To Give You A Better Workout—And Get Rid of Cellulite

Shake, sweat, and get rid of cellulite on the Power Plate.

We walked into PLATEFIT’s cozy Brentwood studio just as the previous class was winding down. Attendees were holding a plank on the vibrating, buzzing Power Plate platforms, drenched in sweat and clearly struggling to hang on to the last ten seconds of the pose.
Yes, it was a very intimidating scene to stumble into—especially as the class finished and a woman in the back of the room sighed, “That was so hard!” She’s right, it isn’t easy. But the 30-minute workout is crazy-fun, and goes by so fast that you barely have time to register how challenging it is.

What to expect from a PLATEFIT class

Performed entirely on the Power Plate, the signature PLATEFIT offering uses props like TRX hanging bands, elastic tubes, and light weights to sculpt your body and get your blood pumping. You’re probably already somewhat familiar with the Power Plate; celebrities like Madonna and Mark Wahlberg rely on them for an effective, fast workout.
The Power Plate uses high-speed vibration to effectively mimic a muscular contraction. So you could do 10 squats on the machine, but your body would think that you’d just done 300 squats. Technically, it’s considered a piece of medical equipment and is often used for rehabilitation and to build bone mass, so it’s rare to find them in a classroom setting.
Thankfully, PLATEFIT founder Rachael Blumberg noticed the hole in the market. After working privately with her clients on the Power Plate for years, she decided to open her first studio in January 2016. Ever since, people have been hooked. “We recommend taking class two to three times a week to start seeing results, but we have clients that come every day. It’s just 30 minutes, so it’s easy to fit into your day.”


Expect to see results

And it’s totally worth trekking to West Hollywood or Brentwood a few times a week to get in a PLATEFIT workout. Studies show that exercising on the Power Plate reduces abdominal fat, improves athletic performance, and can even reduce the appearance of cellulite. And even though the cardio classes involve jumping and squatting, the Power Plate reduces stress on joints, which means it’s great for those with injuries.
We ended up taking two classes—PLATEFIT and CelluliteFIT/Recovery—and I loved the recovery class. I’m in the midst of training for a marathon, and my legs were feeling really fatigued and sore before class started. By the end of our session, which involved foam rolling and vibrational therapy, I felt like I could go on a 10-miler without any problems!
Whether you’re looking for a quick cardio session or a juicy recovery class, try PLATEFIT—great energy, excellent class, and cool technology!


Instagram: @platefit
Brentwood Studio:  13050 San Vicente Blvd, Brentwood 
West Hollywood Studio: 309 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood

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