Inside Australia's coolest personal training studio

Can you believe it’s almost April?! Yikes. Three months into the year and chances are those self-implicated New Years resolutions for a year-round healthy beach-bod are slowly inching their way down the list of priorities, possibly alongside “eat more veggies” and “meditate more”. Our busy lives always take a turn for the unexpected, so keeping your fitness goals on track and making it to the gym are probably taking the backseat in exchange for a few extra hits on the snooze button (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)
That’s why personal trainers can be a knight in shining armour, keeping our goals and motivation in check. Amodrn’s very own fitness contributor Greg Stark understands all too well the setbacks a busy life can lead to. He is the owner and founder of premium personal training studio Better Being, which aims to give you that much needed boost of motivation, keeping you looking flawless and strong no matter your schedule.
Better Being have partnered with Fraser Suites across Australia to provide you with the ultimate personal training experience. With comprehensive and flexible programs, Better Being caters to your personal fitness needs; all you need to do is show up. You’ll be paired with an expert personal trainer who will create a plan around you and your lifestyle. No time for the studio? You can train at home. Only available during lunch break? They’ll meet you in the nearest park.
But if you do have time to make it to one of their many spacious studios, you’ll be treated to an extensive range of top of the line weight and cardio equipment, including TRX and ViPR to keep your body guessing, as well as complimentary parking, luxurious spa facilities and lap pools.
No matter where you are, it seems Better Being makes it very hard for you to find an excuse not to workout. But hey, they just want to make sure you’re being the best version of you, so you can be the one who runs the world, and the track.

Better Being


No 1 Martin Place, Sydney

488 Kent St, Sydney

170 Castlereagh St, Sydney


1 Southgate Ave, Melbourne

Fraser Place, 19 Exploration Lane, Melbourne


80 Albert St, Brisbane


Better Being, personal training
Better Being, personal training

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