period sex
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The Ultimate Guide to Having the Best, No-Mess Period Sex

We've all thought about it!

Listen, we’ve all thought about it: period sex. It’s definitely been on our mind, especially since we spend around one-fourth of the month menstruating! Sometimes, we just want to have the ability to have sex all the time. And guess what? We do! In fact, due to a slight increase in testosterone, we’re even hornier during our periods, according to Dr. Mary Jane Minkin from Yale University Medical School. So why is the subject still so taboo? Well, there are a few camps that people who menstruate fall when it comes to doing the deed, according to Byrdie. It’s either a hell yes, hell no, or let’s do it on a lighter day. Clearly, it’s going to be a little messy and ruin your sheets. But hear us out, it does have some health benefits, and there are some ways that you can avoid stains. We did some research to find out more. Keep reading below!

period sex
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How to Have Period Sex

If you’re worried about staining your sheets, we recommend that you grab a dark-colored towel and toss it into the laundry when you are down. Another option is to try a menstrual cup. They actually go ahead and catch all of the blood and keep your sex mess-free, according to Byrdie. This is a great option to use. Another way? Try the shower! While usually, the water washes away any natural lubrication from the vagina, the menstrual blood will lubricate itself! No clean up necessary, and trust us, it won’t look too crazy because of the shower. If you want to try to add a gel, we recommend this one from They Call Her Alfie. It’s called the Love Gel, and it’s perfect for enhancing sexual activity, no matter the time or place. Shop here.

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Why It’s Healthy to Have Period Sex

Listen, hear us out! There are some incredible health benefits to having period sex every once in a while. If you are one of the many people that suffer from monthly menstrual cramps, you may want to look into this. A lot of the time, period sex alleviates menstrual cramps. There’s also evidence that points to orgasms being a lot more intense during that time of the month. Oh, and your sex drive may be higher or kicked into overload. Sorry! It’s the hormones, baby! If you’re also someone who uses natural birth control as a form of contraception, your period is generally a safe time to have sex without protection.

But do heed this warning, it is possible to get pregnant when you are on your period! If you have an irregular period, your ovulation might actually be occurring while you are bleeding. According to Byrdie, if you are really, really trying to avoid being pregnant, use another form of contraception. We like the ones listed here on Planned Parenthood’s website. There are options available like condoms all the way to IUDs. Planned Parenthood is also a great place to obtain these items if you cannot afford them, they have a sliding scale program. Happy Period Sexing!

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