Peanut butter fiend? Try these nutritious, nutty alternatives

At Amodrn HQ, our childhoods were happily filled with peanut butter sandwiches and juice boxes for snack-time. As we grew up, peanut butter remained a staple in our diets with our post-workout smoothies or occasionally straight from the jar as an afternoon treat (don’t tell anyone!). And for good reason – nuts are a great source of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential in any diet.
Nowadays with so many health nuts out there, so to speak, brands have ventured into almond, cashew and even brazil nut spreads. And with so many at hand, we’ve decided to rounded up a few of our favourites.
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1. Food to Nourish Activated ABC Spread

Easy as 1,2,3… Food to Nourish’s ABC nut spread tastes just like it’s name would suggest: almonds, brazil nuts and cashews. The nuts have been soaked in water, sea salt and apple cider vinegar for 12 hours and dehydrated at low temperatures for 48 hours, which begins the activation process of the nut and destroys some of the anti-nutrients, making it more digestible. Jam-packed with protein, this nutritional powerhouse is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or breakfast spread.

Shop Food to Nourish Activated ABC Spread $14.50

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2. Naturals by Melrose 100% Almond Spread

Almonds have endless health benefits – they’re packed with protein and low in sugar. So it’s no surprise they are the definitive go-to as your alternate peanut butter. Tasty and filling, we love the smooth texture of this spread and can’t help but sneak a spoonful as a mid-afternoon snack with a few slices of apple. Delish!

Shop Naturals by Melrose 100% Almond Spread $10.99

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3. Pic’s Cashew Butter

Pic’s all-natural cashew butter is made from fresh roasted nuts in Nelson, New Zealand. The result? A moreish (and versatile) spread that packs a nutritional punch AND tastes utterly amazing. We recommend getting your hands on this jar of natural goodness ASAP!

Shop Pic’s Cashew Butter $16.00

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4. Mayver’s Pure-State Coconut Super Spread

If you’re looking for something totally off the beaten track, why not try Mayver’s new Pure-State Coconut Super Spread? Made from just chia, sesame, almond, plus ‘super’ nuts and a little coconut, it is deliciously crunchy, naturally sweet and high in protein. Spread a dollop on toast or drizzle over pancakes for a guilt-free breakfast treat.

Available now in the regular spreads aisle in Coles.

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