OMG, Glossier Just Dropped a Surprising New Product And We're Totally Stunned

via @glossier

Glossier’s back and breaking the internet again with a brand new product that kind of came out of left field.
With a tagline like, “Skin first, make up second,” and a handful of products that leave users with dewy, hydrated-looking complexions, Glossier is known for barely-there makeup and skin care that comes in chic millennial pink packaging.
So we were incredibly surprised to wake up this morning to find Emily Weiss & co. had launched a new product overnight—Wowder, a skin-blurring finishing powder that puts your grandma’s powder puff to shame.

via @glossier

Wowder comes in three hues, and can act as a final setting powder or as a light coverage powder foundation. The loose powder blurs fine lines and imperfections, sets makeup, and reduces shine—perfect for achieving a more natural “matte” look when applying all over, or for keeping your T-zone look fresh during warmer days.
Made with diamond powder, kaolin clay, and vitamin E, Glossier’s newest makeup falls in line with the brand’s “skin first” mission. The diamond powder reflects light and makes skin look glowy, the kaolin clay absorbs oils, and vitamin E keeps everything silky smooth without drying your complexion. So many setting powders make skin look white and chalky, which is why Glossier decided to whip out three different skin tone shades that are meant to match almost anyone.
So far, Wowder’s reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Even candid makeup vloggers like Jackie Aina—who’s never shy about sharing her opinions on products she doesn’t 100% love—are gushing over Wowder’s versatility and quality. In Aina’s video, she even uses the loose powder as a primer for another type of foundation—genius for those who have oily skin!
And of course, we need to talk about the packaging. Honestly, a large part of Glossier’s charm is its killer branding. Wowder’s packaging is a little off from the rest of the brand’s minimalist, “cool girl” look; the light pink cap has “Wowder!” splashed across the top in cartoon-y, comic book font.
Glossier also eliminated the problem that often comes with using loose powders—they’re messy, and as soon as you travel with them (or drop them) half the powder ends up in the cap. Not so, with Wowder. According to a post on Into the Gloss to celebrate the product launch, “we gave Wowder a trampoline mesh compact—bounce your brush in it and emerge with the perfect serving of powder, mess-free.”
This is Glossier’s second big product launch this summer, after debuting their new SPF. We’re excited to see the female-founded brand ramp up production and continue to whip out innovative, beautiful products!

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