Nutritionist & Keto Dessert Queen, Liv Kaplan, Shares Her Day On A Plate

And yes, dessert happens every night!

nutritionist day on a plate

You may be familiar with Olivia Kaplan (better known as @livinbondi) on Instagram thanks to her delectable keto dessert recipes that often pop up on Amodrn. We’ve featured her salted caramel truffles, gooey hazelnut chocolates and choc peanut butter yo-yos, just to name a few. Recently launching her e-book, Create, here, the Sydney-based nutritionist shares with us her typical day on a plate—and it’s so refreshing to hear that it always ends with dessert!

Upon rising

“I always like to start the morning with something warm. Previously I’ve been having green tea straight as I wake up but I’m currently trying to reduce my caffeine intake so right now I’m loving hot water with fresh lemon and ginger.”
Tip: If I had to whip out a chopping board every morning and make a mess, I wouldn’t keep up this habit, so instead I steep it the night before in a small amount of hot water (just enough to cover the freshly sliced lemon and ginger) than in the morning all I have to do it top with freshly boiled water.

Late breakfast

“I fast until I’m hungry and don’t really have a specific breakfast. I normally have my first meal at 10:30 or 11:00 am. I always have 3 eggs either scrambled or boiled, with some kale sautéed in ghee, half an avocado and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. If I’ve got some fresh herbs on hand like parsley or dill I’ll throw these on too.”

nutritionist day on a plate
Image: @livinbondi

“For me, it’s really important to have a breakfast based on protein and fat as it sets me up for stable blood sugar throughout the day, which keeps my energy levels up and I’ll be full until the afternoon. I love good quality fats so the avo, egg yolk and hemp seeds offer an impressive combination of MUFAs, PUFA’s and anti-inflammatory omega fats. This keeps me full for ages and I sip on herbal tea throughout the day.”


“The next time I eat is normally around 2:30ish, and what I generally crave at this time is a little snack plate. I’ll always have some raw veggies, mainly carrot and cucumber and sometimes radish too, with a handful of nuts and seeds. At the moment I’m loving Brazil nuts and pepitas. I’ll also have a little cup of coconut yoghurt with some hemp protein stirred in… I also stir in some mesquite powder and top with cacao nibsI actually love this it’s kind of my version of a crunchy McFlurry haha… Remember those?!”

nutritionist day on a plate
Image: @livinbondi


“Throughout the afternoon I’ll sip on a hot cacao which I make with coconut milk and this is where I like to add in whatever medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs I’m loving at the time… Right now it’s reishi mushroom and Lion’s Mane.”

nutritionist day on a plate
Image: @livinbondi


“Evening rolls around and it’s time to start thinking about dinner. If I’m in the mood for cooking I like to make my slow-cooked salmon and serve with steamed broccoli, and sometimes shavings of pecorino if I’ve got! It all get’s drizzled in extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper, maybe some chilli flakes too.” Get Liv’s salmon dinner recipe here.
“While I’m cooking I snack on Sicilian olives which are my fave! If I don’t feel like cooking… Instead of the salmon, I’ll chuck on a tin of mackerel or sardines in olive oil.”

nutritionist day on a plate
Photography by Creath Creative

After dinner

“Dessert happens every night. It’s either some dark chocolate and fresh berries or one of my fat fudges if I was prepared enough to make a batchthe cookies and cream flavour is my fave. Enjoyed with a cup of peppermint and liquorice tea… Delish!”
Head to to download Liv’s e-book, Create.
keto-friendly recipe

Photography by Creath Creative

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