7 Super Easy Changes That'll Make You Healthier Straight Away

It's all about tiny tweaks, people.

7 Super Easy Changes That'll Make You Healthier Straight Away
Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

Nutrition is a tricky thing.
Research shows that there’s no perfect diet that works equally well for every single person. If only it were that easy! And sure, we could all probably benefit from eating more greens and less sugar … But as unique individuals, we usually require a unique set of food rules to feel and look our best. Sometimes it’s a bit more complicated than just eating more kale, and it usually takes quite a bit of experimentation (and adaptability) to find your own ideal eating style.
And as tempting as it may be to hop onboard a 30-day detox or to start a strict elimination diet in order to see fast results, most of the nutrition experts we’ve covered at Amodrn typically say the same thing: It’s all about the small changes. So before you overhaul your entire eating experience, take a look at the tiny tweaks you can apply to see big results.

7 Expert Nutritionists Share Their Advice

Eat mindfully.

“Be conscious around food, choose nourishment instead of “food.” Eat it slowly, savor it, enjoy it, share it, and don’t eat in a way you would be embarrassed by if others were watching. Ultimately, get in touch with what is the driving force of your relationship with food.”

Cut out the nasty stuff.

“Stay away from foods as much as possible that have been through much processing, stay away from corn oil, soy, processed meats, unhealthy fats, products that are low fat, chemicals in skin products loads of sugar and so on. These foods do not benefit your body. You are what you eat, you can either choose to feed a disease or prevent one. I have seen so many people reverse diseases or illnesses with food. Preventative medicine is the most powerful tool we should all be taking advantage of.”

Remember that you probably know what to do … but you have to do it!

“Over the years I’ve noticed that many of my clients know what to do in terms of nutrition, they just aren’t doing it. So the crux of our work plays out more like a therapy session—getting to the bottom of why they aren’t doing it. A lot of the whys are because, quite simply, life gets in the way. They have so many responsibilities and obligations, the days get away from them, and they wind up overeating or making poor choices because they are tired or stressed, or because they go into meals starving.
The best way to combat this is to take a proactive approach and plan ahead. Arm yourself with healthy options like crudités and hummus, ½ an avocado with garlic salt, a packet of unsweetened nut butter with a piece of fruit. Then, be sure to hit up the local grocery store or farmer’s market to stock up once you’ve reached your destination.”

Pay attention to portion sizes

“I always emphasize this idea of portion sizes. One thing that has been a savior for me in [my] postpartum period with little Bub, is my frozen Veggie Burgers. I also love the Mushroom Burger that is in my Beauty Detox Foods book. I add variety to it, by adding different herbs, lentils or black beans….making an effort to switch it up often, so I can benefit from the varied nutrients.”

Pair your macronutrients well

Make sure you are having both a carbohydrate and protein at all of your meals and snacks. We tend to do a good job of this at lunch and dinner, but breakfast falls through the cracks.  Protein breaks down slower than carbohydrates so it will keep you satisfied longer, stabilize your blood sugar, improve mood and help with weight loss.  It is important to remember that this does not have to be animal protein.  In fact, I would suggest really incorporating more vegetarian options like lentils and nuts.  This small change is a great first step and a great reminder for even the most seasoned nutrition nerds!

Optimize your ingredients

“Start by incorporating MORE of the good stuff (whole foods) and you’ll naturally eat less of the not so good stuff. An easy way to start transitioning is to start your day with a Stripped Green Smoothie– it’s loaded with several servings of both fruits and veggies and tastes amazing! Remember, nutrition is my jam! I love helping you, so if you need a little guidance and meal plan help, email me.

Don’t deprive yourself.

“Give yourself permission to enjoy all foods in small amounts—moderation is everything. When you deprive yourself of food—it can lead to overeating/feeling anxious around food later. The minute you give yourself permission—you actually don’t even want it as much.”


Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

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