International Model Elyse Taylor On How She Stays Runway Ready

The face of Nude by Nature shares her daily beauty, fitness and wellness routine!

Think about your regular day-to-day. If you woke up with a pimple, puffy eyes from lack of sleep or a bloated tummy from last night’s dinner, it probably isn’t the biggest deal in the world (I mean, it’s not ideal but there are worse things in life).
For an international supermodel however, there’s that extra bit of pressure to always look and feel your best with a job which requires you to constantly be in front of a camera (sometimes with very little notice).
Appearing on some of the biggest runways in the world—including that of Victoria’s Secret—Australian-born model and mum-of-one, Elyse Taylor, knows a thing or two about this.
Residing in New York, we chat to the global ambassador for makeup brand, Nude by Nature about her daily beauty, fitness and wellness routine (which includes a love for natural products and 90 minutes of exercise a day) and how she manages to remain glowing from the inside out no matter what she’s got going on.

You’re the face of Nude by Nature globally. Is natural beauty something you’ve always been passionate about?

Definitely, especially after having my daughter. Lila’s at an age now where she’s so girly and into all my products. It’s nice to know that what I’m using has no synthetic ingredients or preservatives. I also love that Nude by Nature is 100% cruelty-free.

elyse taylor beauty routine

What are some of your go-to beauty products?

I have always loved the Flawless Concealer and the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick—they are so perfect for using on the go. Now, with the new 100% Natural Lip Collection, my make-up has been simplified to a couple of key products: Flawless Concealer, the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick and one of the lip collection products like the Moisture Shine Lipstick or Moisture Infusion Lipgloss.

touch of glow highlight stick nude by nature
Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick, $24.95

What does your daily skincare regime look like?

I always cleanse my face; morning and night. I use a mixture of products, and I like brands such as COSMEDIX, Dr Barbara Sturm and Biologique Recherché.

Best beauty tip that never fails as a busy mum?

Being a mother is always just trying to get enough sleep, which obviously helps you look and feel more presentable, so my advice would be to try take care of yourself:

  • Take the vitamins
  • Drink the juices
  • Healthy eating
  • Sleep when you can and keep your sheet masks in the fridge; even with zero sleep the cool mask will help reduce the puffiness and get the blood flowing.

Travelling is a big part of what you do. Do you have any in-flight beauty tips you can share with us?

I’ve been on the road now for almost 13 years, and there is no secret really. Drink a lot of water (flight attendants can be sparing with the water—so I pester them!), pack your favorite moisturiser (100ml for in-flight), and I avoid eating the food on a plane. It’s not the best for you. I suggest instead bringing a meal and some healthy snacks.

Favourite holiday destination, and next on your bucket list?

It’s not a holiday, at all, but I love Burning Man—so I make sure that happens each year.

elyse taylor beauty routine

What do you miss most about Sydney, and what’s the first thing you do when you’re back here?

I miss my friends mostly, and the sense of home. Even if lots of old friends have come and gone from my Sydney life it still grounds me, and always feels like home. Whenever I am in Australia I eat pies, crumpets and Allen’s lollies!

We hear you make your own special DIY face mask! Can you tell us what’s in it and when you use it?

I created this while rummaging through my cupboards one Sunday. Activated charcoal, CoQ10, Honey, Primrose oil, Turmeric powder and Baobab oil. It’s great for hydration and brightens as well as detoxes.

What does your fitness routine currently look like?

I’m always active. I work out for 90 mins everyday: an hour of cardio and 30 mins of either stomach or leg and butt workouts. Climbing, hiking, skiing, swimming—depending on where I am and what’s available to me. I always opt for something other than the gym to mix it up and keep it interesting.

elyse taylor beauty routine

What does your typical day on a plate look like when you’re at home?

Always oatmeal, banana and yoghurt to start. I don’t like eating salad and veggies but I know I have to, and to set an example for Lila. So, lunch is salad and a protein (chicken, fish or tofu). Dinner is meat or fish again with veggies or salad, however it’s usually leftovers from whatever Lila didn’t want to eat.

Favourite places/things to do in NYC?

Just being with my daughter. I go away for short work trips a lot so it’s important to me to spend time with her whenever I can. Otherwise, I usually end up going to Shabu-Tatsu, Bar Pitti or Blue Ribbon—the usual spots. I travel a lot so eating out is secondary to being at home and relaxing.

elyse taylor

How do you always stay photoshoot ready? Is there anything in particular you do leading up to a big shoot or modelling job to ensure you’re the best version of yourself?

I used to go into overdrive before a big job but now I just try to always stay in shape. It’s my job. I always explain to people that if they had the same financial incentive to be in shape and look a certain way they would too. But, I have a kid to run around after and a million other things on—so rather than it being a last minute scramble I just make the time each day to give my body that burst of activity. Over the years I have focused on different types of workouts or methods but there is no real solution or failsafe way. We all work in different ways. You just have to get in to the exercise mode and get on with it. Just sweat, or get puffed out, or get sore.

“Low carbs, zero alcohol, no sugars and a lot of sweat.”

If you want a drastic change you have to commit. Anyone who says “it’s genes” or that they work-out a couple times a week is fibbing. It’s minimum 4/5 times a week—low carbs, zero alcohol, no sugars and a lot of sweat. That’s not the most fun day-to-day life so you either find a balance that works for you or choose a level of fit that works in with your level of fun. I increase the level of intensity with each workout. Set goals and beat the goals. That helps you feel like you’re progressing which also helps your body and fitness progress.

How do you practice self-care?

Just do what you can. Don’t feel bad if you have a few intense nights or weeks even. The worst thing I think anyone can do is get down on themselves for not doing something. Do what you can when you can and be happy that you did it.
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