Can't Find The Furniture You Want? Now You Can Design Your Own

Calling all budding interior designers!

We live in a time where pretty much anything can be customised. From monogramming our accessories to designing our own activewear, we all like to put our own stamp on things. Hey, these days you can even customise your own eating plan based on your DNA. But if there’s one thing we really should be able to personalise, it’s our homes. You can tell a lot about someone from the way they decorate their personal space. From the paintings on our walls to our doona covers, every piece tells a story about who we are.
But when it comes to picking furniture to suit our individual tastes and personality, our choices are limited. Sure, you can choose between a wooden or metal bed frame at IKEA, but that’s pretty much where the autonomy ends. Until now, that is! Two new Aussie custom furniture brands are set to revolutionise the way we decorate our homes.

Get ready for Reddie

design your own furniture, custom furniture

Reddie is a unique brand where you can customise hand-crafted furniture to suit your individual taste. The website allows you to shop online from over 1000 unique designs to ensure every aspect of your piece is individual. Crafted out of high-quality solid teak wood and on-trend materials like marble and metal, each piece is made-to-order. Whether you’re after a coffee table, desk, dining table or storage seating, you can design it all from scratch with the online design tool.

When I looked at the furniture market, particularly online, there were limited stores where you could find good quality, handmade and original designs at an attainable price, let alone ones you could customise. Australians definitely have a keen eye for design and they like to choose furniture that suits their personal tastes and homes.

-Reddie founder Caroline Olah

How it works

The design feature on uses a simple three-step process:

  1. Choose your item and size
  2. Select your style
  3. Customise- select your own materials

design your own furniture, reddie, custom furniture

Reddie currently offers four minimalist signature styles, available in different sizes and categories:

  • BOB- Monolithic and beachy
  • SUZY- Clean and slick
  • VINNY- Vintage and angular
  • WILLY- Wirey and quirky

Each style has its own personality, so you can create something that suits yours. So, whether you’re a beach babe or a vintage queen, you can have your own bespoke piece shipped to you with the click of a button!

Meet Timbermill

design your own furniture, custom furniture

If you prefer your furniture to have a rustic feel, you’ll love Timbermill. The custom furniture company crafts all its pieces out of recycled Australian timber and other specialised hardwoods. This means that no two pieces are exactly the same! The Sydney-based business has been in the furniture game for three years now, but the ‘design-your-own’ service is brand new.

After three years building furniture and recieving the same requests for in-depth assistance, we did a little brainstorming on what our customers were after. We found that we could make the customer process easier by incorporating the design your own range.
-Timbermill Managing and Creative Director Sally Taylor.

Currently, you can only design your own dining tables. But the possibilities are endless, as you get to choose your own size, shape, style, timber, legs and finishes! Quite frankly, it’s every budding interior designer’s dream! The best part is, your piece arrives at your door already assembled: so no more squabbling over IKEA furniture with your partner!
For more information, click here.

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