I Practised at The Newly-Launched Flow State Co. Yoga Studio and It Was Magical

I've tried my fair share of studios but this was something special.

I’m going to let you in on a little yogi secret that most beginners don’t know: yoga is actually a practice of the mind.
And I know, I know, “what about the headstands and cartwheels and strange body contortions?” Yes, there is the physical element too but at the heart of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali is actually the “citta”, which translates as the mind.
One Yogi who learnt this the hard way is Jess Kraushar, lululemon ambassador and founder of Queensland’s hottest new yoga studio, The Flow State Co.
“When I first started yoga it was all about the physical. I started yoga to get flexible. I wanted to be one of the bendy, beautiful people I saw on Instagram who could effortlessly fold in half,” says Kraushar.
“The first few months were all based in that physical world, I struggled through each class thinking about what was working, hurting, burning, stretching and huffed and puffed to get enough oxygen to not pass out on my mat.”
But after some time, something changed. Kraushar become connected to her breath, slowed her mind and detached from the physical. And it’s this realisation that has stuck with her and which she now credits for opening her yoga studio—and saving her life.

The Flow State Co Yoga Studio Kingscliff Australia
Yes, I’m in a pair of jeans in this shot. Haha, Jeans West all new stretch jeans really do prove to be true! // Photography by wandererandthewild.com

I met Krausher on my recent visit home. Growing up in a relatively small town like Kingscliff, Queensland, you notice when things change, so every time I return from L.A., I scout out—and test—the latest healthy hotspots. This drew me to Krausher’s beautiful studio, The Flow State Co., which opened only a few months ago.
What struck me first about this place was the energy—yogis were there to set their intentions—and then, it was the light. Situated merely one street back from the beach, sunshine streams in through the floor to ceiling windows. It’s beautifully simplistic and free from distractions, allowing for a truly immersive individual practice.
The Flow State Co Yoga Studio Kingscliff Australia
Jess and I playing with shapes in her new yoga studio // Photography by wandererandthewild.com

It’s not the only yoga studio in Kingscliff but what sets it apart from the rest is its style of flow. Coming from a background of running and strength training, Kosher’s dynamic flow is an intense workout. Seriously, I don’t know whether it was the Queensland heat but I was really sweating!
Along with this, they offer classes focused on alignment, stability and restoration, but no matter the program, the philosophy is the same: they honour their practice as a moving meditation that creates a powerful connection between mind and body.

Connect with The Flow State Co. Yoga Studio.

Website: www.theflowstate.com.au
Address: 9 Gunammatta Ave, Kingscliff Salt Village, NSW
Instagram: @theflowstateco
Facebook: facebook.com/theflowstateco
Email: [email protected]

Bianca Cheah practicing at The Flow State Co Yoga Studio Kingscliff Australia
Photography by wandererandthewild.com

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