New Research Shows Watching A Musical Is Just As Good For You As A 30-Minute Workout

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Whether you’re a Wicked obsessive or prefer the dirty humour of The Book of Mormon, everyone loves a good musical. There’s no better way to escape from the humdrum of everyday life than watching a bunch of ridiculously talented people prance around the stage while hitting obscenely high notes. But it turns out, watching a musical is good for more than just putting a smile on your face and making you dance in your seat. It actually counts as a workout!
New research from University College London and Encore Tickets has revealed that watching a musical is just as beneficial for your bod as doing 30 minutes of cardio. Scientists monitored 12 audience members at a London performance of Dreamgirls and discovered their heart rates raised to between 50 and 70 percent of their theoretical maximum during the performance. This is equivalent to what you would expect to achieve during a 30 minute workout and experts from the The British Heart Foundation say these levels are optimal for stimulating cardio fitness and boosting stamina. Best.News.EVER!

An accompanying poll of 2000 adults found the thing they enjoy most about the theatre is the emotion and feeling of goosebumps. A high percentage also admitted they had gasped or jumped in shock during a theatre performance. Does that mean going to see Les Mis counts as a plyometric workout, too?
So, if you were looking for an excuse to splash out on tickets to Kinky Boots, you just found it. If you can’t make it to the theatre, we’re sure popping on your show tunes playlist and belting out ‘Defying Gravity’ from the comfort of your bedroom has a similar effect. Want to discover some other ways to maintain a rockin’ rig without hitting the gym? Check out how one Amodrn writer stayed in shape after she cancelled her gym membership.

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