New Research Shows People Who Are Gluten-Free Get Way More Action

What they lack in bread, they make up for in bed.

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The term ‘gluten-free’ generally isn’t one that immediately makes us think of sex. In fact, for many of us, it summons images of being coupled over on the couch with a majorly bloated tummy—pretty much the opposite of sexy. But according to new research, that might be about to change. The survey has found that what people who follow a gluten-free diet lack in bread, they more than make up for in bed. That is, the 2018 Singles In America study found that people who are gluten-free are getting way more action than the rest of us.

The study surveyed more than 5000 singles about their lifestyle and dating habits. The results showed that people who have followed a gluten-free diet are 217% more likely to have had a date in the past year and 172% less likely to have had a dry spell that lasted two or more years. Those who report they were gluten-free were also 43% more likely to orgasm during sex.
Why gluten-free people are getting laid far more often the rest of us isn’t exactly clear—but we have a couple of hypothesises. Like vegans and Crossfitters, some gluten-avoiders (notice we say SOME, not all—for many people, a gluten-free diet is a necessity due to a health condition like coeliac) love to talk about how they don’t eat gluten. Perhaps they’re bonding over their shared diet habits, which is leading to some between-the-sheets action? Or maybe they’re not dealing with the aforementioned post-carb binge bloating that stops so many of us from getting our freak on. Or as Vice Munchies puts it: “It’s also likely that it’s just a ‘correlation doesn’t equal causation’ scenario, in that you can be gluten-free and have sex on the reg, but those two things aren’t entirely connected.”
Whatever the reason, we wish them all the gluten-free grindin’ in the world.

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