The 6 Drinks That Cause The Most Harm To Your Teeth

You'll never believe the beverages that are on this list!

most harmful drinks for your teeth
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With dental care in absence these days (all non-essential procedures have been canceled), there’s a lot we have to watch out for at home without being able to visit our dentist for our regular catch-up. We should be trying to make sure that our dental hygiene is up to code, but there are a surprising amount of drinks that can cause damage without our regular appointments. Some you never even thought might influence your health.

We interviewed Tabitha Acret, Clinical Educator and Dental Hygienist at AIRFLOW Dental Spa, who has given us a list of the most harmful drinks for your teeth. Tabitha has a passion for community dentistry, preventative care, and implant maintenance.

most harmful drinks for your teeth
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The 6 Drinks That Cause The Most Harm To Your Teeth

1) Juice

Many parents would never think of giving their small children a can of cola but give them multiple cups of juice throughout the day. Juice may seem like a healthy alternative to soft drinks. However, fruit juice often contains more sugar than a can of soft drink. The fruit is better-served whole and give them water instead.

2) Lemon Water

Instagram and Facebook feed are overload with posts promoting the use of lemon water daily for your inner health. What you may not know is that lemons have a very low pH and drinking lemon water daily can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. In fact, lemon juice is comparable to the acidity of battery acid. The acidity strips the enamel and in turn, causes your teeth to be sensitive and more susceptible to decay. Once the enamel is eroded, it isn’t coming back!

3) Flavored Water

Flavored waters are being advertised everywhere from the latest Insta celebrities or hip-hop artists. However, these drinks are just a cheeky way of giving you acid and sometimes sugar when you don’t even realize it. Even the sugar-free flavored waters that are supposedly ‘good for you’ have a pH of 3 which is as low as soft drinks and can cause acid erosion to the teeth. Always remember to read the labels!

 4) Energy Drinks

We’ve all heard the dangers that Energy Drinks can cause to our bodies. Filled with caffeine, chemicals and a pH of 2.6-3, energy drinks when consumed regularly can cause major damage to vital tooth structures.

5) Sports Drinks 

Promoted as the go-to drinks for after workouts, sports drinks are high in sugar and have a low pH of 2-7 – 3.1. They are advertised to drink at a time when you are dehydrated or have dry mouth from exercising but it’s the worst time to consume them. After exercising, your mouth doesn’t have as much saliva present that is the natural buffer to sugar and acids so the sports drink you are consuming can cause major damage to your enamel through erosion, causing decay.

 6) Wine

Wine is another highly acidic beverage (sorry ladies & gents). Most wines have a pH of 2.9 – 3.5, meaning a swig of red or white wine can erode your enamel. Good news is that red wine is slightly less acidic than white wine. However, before picking up that Pinot Noir, red wine is more likely to stain your teeth. The best way to avoid a red smile is to ensure your teeth are plaque-free. Routine cleanings with your dentist/hygienist in conjunction with good at-home oral care are sure-fire ways to keep your teeth sparkling.

Have dental phobia? Ask your dentist/hygienist about the AIRFLOW Dental Spa, a revolutionary spa-like dental experience – no sharp instruments, no messy pastes and no noise. When you know you’ll be drinking red wine, try to brush no more than an hour before as brushing too close to picking up a glass can alter the taste and no one wants that!

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