Moon Juice is Reformulating Their Famous Moon Dusts. Here's What You Need to Know.

Living in LA makes it very easy to love on Moon Juice.
We’re #blessed to have not just one, but three different Moon Juice outposts in our fair city, which makes it straight-up easy to get our hands on a dusted latte whenever we feel like it. But for the rest of the world, Amanda Chantal Bacon’s super powered herb formulations aren’t so easy to find.
Unless you were shopping at one of the carefully selected ‘hippie’ boutiques or natural food stores that carried the line of adaptogenic herbs, the infamous Moon Dusts were only available online. But there’s good news for wellness lovers who haven’t been able to get their hands on the dust: Amanda Chantal Bacon and company have been fastidiously working behind the scenes to grow Moon Juice into a worldwide business.
To keep up with the growing demand for her formulations of medicinal herbs, Bacon and her team decided to reformulate their entire dust line. As a burgeoning brand, Moon Juice had to work with multiple producers and farmers in order to get all of the ingredients needed for each dust. Unfortunately, that meant relying on outside sources to test for quality control.
Now that Moon Juice is thriving, Bacon was able to double-down on the quality of her ingredients. To create their newest blends, Moon Juice partnered directly with organic herb farmers and developed their own proprietary extraction process to get the most benefits from each ingredient.

“For each herb, we really considered the region that they’re coming from.” Bacon told Well+Good regarding the new product launch. “We’re working with adaptogens, so the elevation is really important, the extreme temperatures are really important.”

Bacon also promises that the newest Moon Dusts’ formulas have a much better taste than the dirt-like flavors of the old dusts. You’ll want to sprinkle and blend them into nut milk and smoothie you can get your hands on. Our personal favorites: The Spirit Dust and Brain Dust—so powerful!

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