Moon Deli's Enchanted Adaptogenic Cacao Popsicles Recipe

Adaptogens—medicinal plants that help the body adapt to stress and achieve homeostasis—have been trending for a while. Thanks to the celebrity favorite and adaptogenic juice-shilling LA spot Moon Juice and actual celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, these ancient ingredients have made a comeback in wellness circles.
The only problem? Other than common adaptogenic herbs like maca and cacao, most potent formulations are difficult to come by even at health food stores or Whole Foods. Most adaptogens need to go through some sort of processing before they can be consumed, and sometimes the quality and potency suffers depending on the producer. In fact, Moon Juice recently reformulated their own popular dusts to include better quality ingredients … proving just how difficult it is to ethically source powerful adaptogens.
Only a few brands like Sun Potion and Mountain Rose Herbs could be trusted for their high-quality medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic powders—until recently. Instagram exploded with pictures of unicorn lattes a few weeks ago when Moon Deli dropped their first collection of adaptogenic blends.
Packaged in dark glass bottles with mystically minimalist labels, Moon Deli’s formulations help with stress and mood, energy levels and adrenals, and digestion. Unlike Sun Potion, which sells individual ingredients, Moon Deli’s products are pre-blended adaptogens. That means they’re perfect for someone who’s just dipping their toe into herbalism and superfoods, and itsn’t quite sure where to start.
How to use them? Simply mix into your tea, coffee, or favorite nut milk and sip away! Or, get creative and start using adaptogens in your everyday recipes.

Adaptogenic Cacao Popsicles

Recipe adapted from My Tiny Laguna Kitchen


8 oz homemade coconut yogurt
2 ripe avocados
2 tablespoons Moondeli Mushroom Adaptogen
2 tablespoons raw organica cacao
2 tablespoons raw monk fruit sweetener
4 tablespoons raw organic honey


Place all ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze overnight. Eat as is or drizzle with melted cacao butter and sprinkle with flower petals and blue-green algae from Moon Deli.

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