Is 'Mindful Dating' the Better Way to Find a Partner?

If you’re looking for something more serious, and have already burned through Tinder and Bumble without spotting any real prospects, try this: Mindful Dating—and there’s even an app for that, MeetMindful. Check your cynicism at the door, and hear us out.
Unlike other dating apps, MeetMindful doesn’t just bring you together based on the possibility of some romantic chemistry. That’s because the entire dating pool (read: the app’s users) have joined because, as the company’s website explains, they “want to live their happiest, healthiest lives—and connect with others who feel the same.”
In fact, MeetMindful might be one of the best places to find a partner who has the same values around health, fitness, and life in general, outside of an organic produce market.

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Rather than making a speedy judgement call based on a photo and some basic demographic information (and then hurriedly swiping left or right), profiles are engineered to feel authentic and encourage a more “meaningful connection,” MeetMindful’s about page explains. While creating an account, you’re asked some more thoughtful questions, such as, “What inspires you?”
According to the app’s founder, Amy Baglan, this approach to dating is proving seriously successful to MeetMindful’s community. She told Well and Good in a recent interview: “We consistently hear that MeetMindful has higher quality members who act with a level of integrity and authenticity seldom found on other dating apps.” In fact, she also said that 75 percent of users who update their relationship status on Facebook to “taken” after using MeetMindful report that they’re more satisfied with their new relationship than with previous ones. Of course, you would assume that couples in a new relationship feel more fondly towards each other than they do towards their ex.
Keen to give this mindful dating thing a whirl? Download the app here.

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