How Mile High Cycle House is re-shaping fitness, and your booty

The Gold Coast just gave you a good reason to join the mile high club.

The Gold Coast just gave you a good reason to join the mile high club. No, we’re not talking about that club. We’re talking sweat inducing, heart pumping, feel good mental and physical high. Oh wait …
Mile High Cycle HouseOkay, if you haven’t joined that club yet, there’s one that’s just as good and guaranteed to leave you satisfied, every time. Mile High Cycle House is re-shaping fitness, and your booty, to create a fun and intense cycling workout that’s all about feeling good, every day, all day. The boutique spin studio offers a creative way to get fit and happy in a candle lit room with mood-boosting music.
They claim that 45 minutes is all it takes for a calorie burning, full-body workout. And by the look of their Instagram-tribe we can’t help but believe them. So it’s no surprise that the Mermaid Beach studio has gained traction with its motivational and inspirational approach to a positive mind and body. An expressive blackboard entitled “Before I die: ” awaits for you to write down your wildest goals and dreams before you enter the candle lit room. Yes, candle lit. Just like in yoga, the darkness is a stress reliving way for you to make the most of your sweat session. No distracting neighbours or harsh neon lighting, it’s just you, the music and that feeling, as the site describes it:

“that feeling that comes from breaking out of physical boundaries and constraints, reaching goals and exceeding all expectations.”

With convenient schedules in the morning and evening, Mile High Cycle House is definitely worth checking out.

Mile High Cycle House

Address: 2229 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast.
Instagram: @milehighcyclehouse


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