Meet the fit & gorgeous Aussie beach babe Elyse Knowles

Model and social media sensation, Elyse Knowles, is known for her envious bikini-ready body, but in between her busy modelling career and keeping fit, Elyse loves to help out a good cause. The 23 year old is currently the ambassador for DHL’s latest Safer Beaches campaign, which calls for swimmers to update their social media status with the swimmer emoji between two flags together with the hashtag #DHLSaferBeaches throughout summer.

“I love the idea of using social media to remind people to swim between the flags, while raising funds for the people who keep us safe on the beach,” says Elyse. 

Amodrn were lucky enough to catch up with the beach babe herself to get the lowdown on all things fitness, food and travel. From the best advice she’s ever received to her favourite guilty pleasure, read it all in Elyse’s own words.

Meet Elyse Knowles

Elyse Knowles

First three things I do when I wake up:

Exercise, drink water with lemon or apple cider vinegar, then after a shower I pamper my face with moisturisers and creams.

Last thing I do at night:

Put my alarm on to wake up bright and early.

Most people probably don’t know this about me, but:

I owned a Holden SS Ute for two years. I had big 20” black rims and hard top – it was a beast haha. I would put the motor bikes in the back, or the wakeboards, sometimes I would put a mattress in the back tub and sleep in there!

Best piece of advice I’ve ever received:

Don’t worry about anyone else, stick to your game and you will dominate.

Workout I’m currently obsessed with:

Boxing, reformer Pilates and high intensity sprints.

My food philosophy in one sentence:

Everything in moderation, keep it fresh and green, cut out processed sugars.

Best meal I’ve ever eaten:

I froth over an amazing lentil salad with salmon 🙌

If sugar were a superfood, my diet would consist of:

Natural Confectionary lollies and the occasional chocolate or ice cream.

I never leave home without:

My phone, wallet, Ulta3 CC cream, lip balm, usually a strapless bra for work, water and a healthy snack.

My favourite holiday destination is:

The Murray River – camping in the bush, sleeping in tents, stepping two meters into the river where my wake board and boat are ready for me = bliss!

My favourite emoji is:


Three must-have items in my beach bag are:

Sunscreen, sunnies and insulated drink bottle with cold water in it.

My favourite beaches in Australia are:

Wategoes, Burleigh and Torquay

Go-to websites/blogs:, and of course, Amodrn – it’s my go-to for inspiration and delicious healthy recipes.

Three must-follow Instagram accounts:

Tash Oakley, Jen Hawkins and Rocky Barnes.

Favourite healthy restaurant I’m obsessed with:

Tom Phat in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Who would play me in a movie:

Probably Cameron Diaz as she’s a bit of a dork.

I’m inspired by:

Women on top of their game such as, Jennifer Hawkins, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Jesinta Campbell.

My current mantra:

Dream big and be the best you can be!

My pet peeve is:

Not being able to finish my laser hair removal treatment because I’m always have fake tan on for work 😠

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