Meet Roger Frampton: Calvin Klein Model & Fitness Entrepreneur

Guilty pleasures include wine and raving (yes, you read that right).

Meet Roger Frampton. He’s an international model, Ted-Talker and the innovative creator of a new workout method entitled, “The Frampton Method.”
Coming from a profession where your physical appearance is continuously scrutinised, fitness is certainly a focus. His unique method is based on body weight, no expensive gym membership or equipment needed. It’s accessible whenever and wherever. From modelling for Calvin Klein to busting out some seriously impressive yoga moves, Amodrn spoke to the fit entrepreneur on life, habits, and guilty pleasures.


Born: Northamptonshire
Lives: London
Known for: Ted talk, over a decade of fashion modelling, creating a method of movement.
Personal motto: It’s all meaningless anyway.
Success is: Whatever the person declares it is.
Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: You’re doing perfect. Keep it going.
People are surprised that I: Never eat breakfast.
I’m inspired by (person, place or idea): Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gymnastics, Doers. My mentor.
The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Quitting personal training.
From my mistakes, I have learnt: That it’s very human to make them.
My most used emoji is: 🖕


Wake up time: Between 5 & 7 am
Morning ritual: Double espresso with sugar. Shower.
Desk lunch: Pret veggie toastie
Last thing I do at night: Brush my teeth.
Guilty pleasure: Wine and raving.
3 things vital to my day: Stretch, Learn something new, Complete tasks.
Juice: Lucozade sport
Coffee: Double espresso
Studio/gym: Front room/ Park.


Sports top: Tommy Hilfiger
Sports shorts: Nike free
Shoes: Russell and Bromley
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Watch: Rolex
Store: Cos
New season must have: Stretch Denim.


App: Houzz
Website: Facebook
Binge watch: YouTube funny animals.
Instagram stalk: #handstand
Album love: Ajunadeep 07



Instagram: @rogerframpton

Facebook Page: Roger Frampton

Snap: N/A


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