Meet High-Vibing Girl Boss Behind L.A’s Fav Crystal Cookie Co

Although we think she’s a unicorn, Jodi keeps it refreshingly real.

Good Vibe Cookie Co Crystal Cookie
Via Good Vibe Cookie Co

I was introduced to the magic that is Good Vibes Cookie Co. at an event earlier this year, we were immediately starry-eyed over the edible crystal cookie creations of Jodi Mannis. Yep, these beauties are edible… and pretty damn tasty, too. Having already collaborated with powerhouse brands like Honest Beauty, Levi’s, and Alice & Olivia within only a few months of launching, it’s clear that the high-vibing business babe is onto something crystalline.

Although we think she’s a unicorn, Jodi keeps it refreshingly real. Keep on scrolling for a truly inspirational Q&A!

Crystal Cookie
Image via Good Vibes Cookie Co.

First things first – tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Born and raised in Los Angeles (I refer to myself as a unicorn because there are very few of us who can say we are true locals!), I went to USC to study Fine Arts where I focused on graphic design and packaging. I landed feet-first straight out of college as a Graphic Designer for Guess Jeans and was lucky enough to climb the ranks very quickly, becoming one of the youngest head clothing designers there at age 22. The Marciano brothers taught me everything I know and took a personal interest in helping me grow.

After Guess, I left to pursue other fashion-related ventures including a handbag line but ended up finding myself working full-time in my family’s business court reporting. I have always freelanced on the side, whether it’s design work, branding, packaging, fashion, party planning, etc. These days I paint, sculpt, and even know how to weld. I’m a single mom of two little ones – my son is 10, my daughter is 7.

What inspired you to start your crystal cookie company?

I always used crystals when I was a kid, it’s something I shared with my grandfather when I was as young as my kids are now. I eventually became very spiritual due to life events and found myself drawn to crystals again. I now share this love with my kids!

When the kids are home I like to get them in the kitchen with me, and I always whip up extra special treats for holidays and birthdays (ie: sushi donuts and hamburgers, as requested by my son!). My daughter is all about sweets, so for Valentine’s Day, I decided to create a cookie dough geode and mix the two things we shared and loved.

I had no idea what I was doing; I took my favorite recipes and combined them. My kids push me to my creative limits in general and I’m not one to back down from a challenge. I made the original geode cookie dough cookies and posted them on my private social media accounts. Overwhelmed by the response and interest, my design background started to kick in as I thought about what this concept could look like.

Truth be told, I was struggling trying to make ends meet and was looking for a creative outlet or passion project that could make me a little extra money, but mostly fill my soul. It was kismet!

What is it that makes these cookies so unique and special?

Gosh, what doesn’t make my crystal cookies so unique and special? Each cookie is handmade and painted, no two are alike, and each box is specially curated for the receiver. Conceptually there is nothing like them out in the marketplace — but also the associated feelings and meanings that come with are out of this world! Each bite is an experience – the layers of flavor starting with the crystal crunch to the frosting down to the buttery cookie base – it’s a party in your mouth. People expect them to be super sweet but they are not, it’s a perfect balance of flavors.

The best part is the feeling when sharing them. I love doing deliveries because of the reaction and the smiles on the faces of the receivers — and the questions like “Can I really eat these?” or, that they are too pretty to eat. My cookies make me believe that anything is possible, and it’s ok to be different and unique!

What does the cookie creation process look like?  

Each cookie is handmade, then a frosting layer added before the crunchy top. The colors are replications of real crystals so the possibilities are endless. 

What is the meaning behind each crystal variation?  

Infinite possibilities for the crystals, each crystal that we find on Mother Earth has properties — be it calmness, wellness, love, or healing. I sit with each person who orders a box and ask questions; sometimes they let me intuitively choose and sometimes they tell me exactly what they want.

The coolest part is when I choose and they come back and tell me stories. One person bought mix boxes for her best friends. Not knowing what crystals I chose — nor could they see inside the boxes – each chose a box. One friend got a box with her birthstone and the second stone was the name of the street she grew up on! I always tell my customers that the crystals pick you, you don’t pick the crystals!

What would you say is the best part of your job?

All of it! This is the happiest and most fulfilled I have been in years — I am connecting with so many amazing and inspiring people, I am creating something new every day, and I spread positivity and happiness in the process. Even on the most challenging days, I am grateful for everything that is manifesting in my life.

What is your advice on a healthy work/life balance?

It’s really hard, especially right now since I have two jobs and am a single mom. But I try to take a moment every day morning before I get out of bed or look at my phone to reflect on what is happening and what I want to make happen, and how abundant life is right now. My version of meditation! My number one thing that regenerates me is seeing live music – it inspires me to keep pushing and be creative.  

What are your three can’t-live-without crystals?

Citrine always, first and foremost. I carry one with me daily for manifestation, imagination, and transforming negativity into positivity. I cannot live without my clear crystal ring, which I have worn every day for the past 4 years since I bought it. And Carnelian for courage, happiness, and self-esteem.  

What has been the best advice that you’ve ever been given?

I have two — the first was to always be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness. The other was to stop trying to control things; that people and things in your life happen for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. There are lessons and growth to be found everywhere in the good and the bad— you just have to be open to it.

What inspires you to keep going as a business owner?  

My Good Vibes Tribe. Which are my kiddos, my family, and the people who have been surrounding and supporting me – whether it’s texts, DMs, calls, or comments – wanting the best for me and encouraging the growth of my business.    
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