Meet Jewelry Designer and Badass Boss Lady Marrin Costello


Marrin Costello
Image via @TheDailyEdited

“Started with a bead kit now we’re here.”
That’s Marrin Costello’s tag line, a play on Drake’s now-famous lyric. It perfectly personifies the millennial-aged jewelry designer—pop culture savvy with business acumen, Costello knows how to have fun but also knows how to get things done.
Marrin started creating her own jewelry after receiving said bead kit for Christmas as a seven-year-old.  Constantly creating, her hobby eventually took on a life of its own—while enrolled at UCLA as an Art History major, Marrin somehow found her jewelry featured on the hit show American Idol. Thanks to the epic exposure, her fun hobby turned into a booming business overnight—and Marrin Costello Jewelry was born.

Unlike traditional entrepreneurs, who typically spend months or years working on their business and plan, Costello found herself thrust into a new role as business owner, CEO, and entrepreneur as a young woman. “It was a really significant transition in my own mind to understand that my hobby was a now profession, and job, and purpose, and passion,” she explains.

Thankfully, she’s had great examples in her parents to model after. “My parents are entrepreneurs, so growing up I learned a lot from them,” Costello explains. “One of the big things they taught me is that every day is a work day.” This female entrepreneur has certainly taken their advice to heart—when she’s not in Los Angeles consulting with her team and designing new styles for her line, Costello can be found traveling the world and sharing her findings with her Instagram followers.

“I would encourage women to go after whatever makes them the most happy and proud of themselves. This could be a number of different things. For me, it was dedicating myself to my jewelry brand as a full time venture. And I could not be more pleased with the purpose that that decision has given to my life, as well as how it has shaped my positive outlook on the world, enhanced my passion and dedication to the brand (and ultimately myself), and encouraged my want to help other women find and/or celebrate the things that make them the most happy.”


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