Meet Australian Surfing Pro, Laura Enever

A day in the life of the ultimate beach babe.

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If there was ever a living personification of surf, sand and sun, it’s definitely Laura Enever. With her long, blonde tresses and bronzed, toned bod, the 25-year-old is the epitome of a beach babe. The Sydney local doesn’t just look the part either. With surfing titles like the Triple Crown Rookie of The Year and World Jr Champion under her belt, it’s safe to say Laura knows her way around the waves. She shows no signs of stopping either, as she’s set to compete in her sixth WSL Women’s World Tour in Hawaii this month!
Laura is as passionate about staying fit outside the water as she is in. When she’s not carving it up, you’ll find her cross-training or doing Pilates at her local studio. But it’s not all work and no play for the surfer chick: she’s partial to chocolate and a cheeky margarita from time to time!
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Getting to know you

Born: Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Lives: Narrabeen, Sydney.

Known for: Professional Surfer – competing on the Women’s World tour this month.

Personal motto: It changes every week. This week – “change is the only constant in life”.

Success is: Doing what you love and doing it with passion. It’s not results, wealth or status that’s important for me. It’s constantly challenging myself and living my life feeling inspired, enthusiastic and most importantly, happy!

Advice I would give my 20 year old self: Don’t be so hard on yourself! Work hard, have fun and do what makes you happy. There will be good times, hard times, mistakes and challenges…. embrace them all!

People are surprised that: I can’t drive a manual car.

I’m inspired by: There is so much that I am inspired by in the world – people, places and creations. I draw inspiration from so many people on a daily basis. People and friends, living fearlessly and authentically, with enthusiasm and selflessness.

The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Trusting my instinct.

From my mistakes, I have learnt: That we all make mistakes.

My most used emoji is: Dancing Salsa Lady!

Out and about

Wake up time: 7.30 (sometimes earlier, depending on the surf).

Morning ritual: Drink a glass of water, then have a  fresh juice, coffee and cereal, stretch, then jump in the ocean.

Desk lunch: Salad wrap.

Last thing I do at night: Clean my teeth – I’m trying to stop looking at Instagram before bed but its hard!

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate and a good margarita.

3 things vital to my day: Food, smoothies and the ocean.

Cafe: Zubi – it’s a cafe across the road from my house on the Northern Beaches.

Juice: Freshly squeezed apple, carrot beetroot lemon and ginger.

Coffee: Long black.

Studio/gym: Studio Align Pilates and Physio.


Sports top: Billabong.

Sports shorts: Billabong.

Shoes: Adidas.

Sunglasses: Von Zipper.

New season must have: Anything oversized or a Billabong surf capsule wetsuit!

Culture and tech

App: HappyCow is my new favourite – it shows where all the healthy restaurants close to you are around the world!


Binge watch: Girls. 

Logging on


Instagram: @lauraenever

Facebook: Laura Enever

Snap: @lauraenever

Laura has collaborated with Westfield Warringah Mall to create ‘White Wash’, a sculpture made out of 43 silver-coated surfboards. You can check out the temporary centrepiece at the shopping centre now.

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