Lululemon Launches Exclusive Gender-Neutral Self-Care Range

Think; cruelty-free and zero sweat!

lululemon self-care
Image supplied by lululemon.

If you’re anything like us and love their best-selling Align Pant, stylish yoga accessories and extensive range of crops, hoodies and sweaters, get excited—because the highly coveted activewear brand is set to launch their very own range of self-care products.
Yep! A first for lululemon, the gender-neutral beauty capsule consists of a dry shampoo, deodorant, face moisturizer and lip balm to cater to all your post-gym needs.
What’s so good about it? Firstly, it’s tested on humans, not animals, with over 100 lululemon ambassadors across North America testing it out for themselves to ensure their formulas a) are nourishing and b) actually perform.
Their ambassadors represented a range of active disciplines including spin, run, HIIT and yoga to make sure it passed the sweat test from burpees to downward dog and beyond.

self-care lululemon
Image supplied by lululemon

Using only good-for-you ingredients, all the products in the self-care range are free from known irritants such as aluminium, parabens and sulfates and proudly wear the ‘Leaping Bunny‘ badge of honour meaning that their products meet the gold standard for compassion towards animals.

“I don’t train this hard to then just put toxins in my body.”— Johny Dyer, lululemon crossfit ambassador

In terms of ease and convenience, the brand utilises things like leakproof seals to give you the confidence to just toss it in your gym bag, while a soft-touch coating help minimise the ‘clink’. Oh, and did we mention that all travel size options are TSA-approved which means you won’t have to throw them out at security.

self-care lululemon
Image supplied by lululemon

The lululemon self-care range is available online at, in 50 lululemon stores, at select studio partners in North America and on sephora.comreceiving the ‘Clean at Sephora’ tick of approval, certifying that they are free of any nasty ingredients.
As part of lululemon’s commitment to transparency and education, you can access a full list of the ingredients list as well as their benefits.
Click here to start shopping!

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