10 Of The Main FODMAP Culprits And What To Eat Instead

From onions to watermelon.

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Chances are you’ve heard of the low FODMAP diet, and that it is key when it comes to managing gut issues for many people. Whilst it is important to not stay low FODMAP long term, when in the elimination phase of the diet, it can be quite restrictive. But there are a few things you can eat instead. See below for 10 common high FODMAP foods, and what you can swap to eat instead. Keep reading for more!

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10 Of The Main FODMAP Culprits And What To Eat Instead

1) Garlic and onion

Two of the hardest things to avoid, but they can easily be replaced in home cooking with the green part of leek or spring onion, or a garlic or onion infused olive oil.

2) Milk

Dairy milk contains lactose. Swap to lactose free or a plant-based milk instead.

3) Bread

Wheat breads are rich in wheat fructans, a common FODMAP. Switch to a spelt sourdough or wheat free bread instead.

4) Apple

An apple a day wont keep the doctor away if you’re sensitive to polyols or fructose. Instead, choose an orange or mandarin for your vitamin C rich boost.

5) Dried lentils

Rich in galacto-oligosaccharides, by swapping to canned lentils that have been rinsed and drained, you wont need to miss out on your plant protein powerhouse.

6) Mushrooms

Most mushrooms are high FODMAP, however luckily oyster mushrooms are not! Choose these in your mushroom dishes, instead of the common button or Swiss style mushrooms.

7) Ripe Banana

The more ripe your banana, the higher the FODMAPs. So you don’t miss out, swap to a just ripe banana instead. These are also richer in resistant starch, so even better for your gut!

8) Watermelon

So refreshing on a hot day… until the bloating starts! Watermelons are rich in three different FODMAPs, so a very common trigger for symptoms. Instead, choose fresh pineapple, or rockmelon instead.

9) Honey

Whilst there is nothing like adding a little honey to your drink or meal for some sweetness, honey is rich in excess fructose. Swap to maple or rice bran syrup instead for a lower FODMAP choice.

10) Cashews

Such a popular choice when it comes to nuts, these crunchy, creamy nuts are rich in oligosaccharides. Instead, choose walnuts or pecans for an omega 3 boost that is also low FODMAP!

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