Love, Bianca Cheah: How To Set Realistic Goals

Welcome to 2017, Amodrn babes! Whether you’re reading this at your desk, by the pool, or curled up in bed, I want to wish you a happy New Year.
During our short Christmas break, it seemed that all of us at Amodrn HQ were busy setting our 2017 intentions. I took a week off work and headed to Mammoth Lakes in California to give my ole faithful computer—and my mind—a break.
Whilst I’m an advocate for being mindful and taking time for myself, it’s easier said than done. Especially when you run a company, have a family, and just work A LOT. I often find this a challenge and constantly still struggle with it day to day. Yeah, I write my daily to-do lists and book my calendar out…but the truth is I still never get the time to make it all happen, always making everything else priority.

Taking time out for myself is my number one goal for 2017

My break between Christmas and New Year’s was my first step in the ‘making it happen’ direction. Mammoth Mountain totally helped me reset. I got to be in those moments and experience how unreal it is to be without phone reception or glued to my laptop. For instance, I find skiing difficult at best. But I got up and gave those blue runs a shot (and completely cartwheeled it down the hill crying and laughing at the same time). And hey, I learned a few important lessons on the way down…bend my knees and lean forward.

But honestly, Mammoth is magical

My hubby and I got bogged in the snow and as freezing as it was a kind local came by and helped dig us out; we found the BEST coffee place just around the corner that made a kick ass latte (I ended up knowing each of the staff members names by the end of my trip!); we learnt how to put snow chains on the tires; I danced on a frozen lake (and fell over); I felt the softness of snowflakes falling on my skin and snuggled by the fireplace enjoying a great glass of red. These experiences probably wouldn’t have ever happened if I hadn’t put my work down.
It’s so easy to talk about what we want to do, but to actually set it in stone and realise it is a whole new purpose in life. And I did all this by making that (yes, hard) decision to leave my laptop at home.

Be a little selfish as after all, you only have one life, and one life to enjoy. That’s why January at Amodrn is about…how to make it all happen!
As we move into the new year, Amodrn will focus on content that will inspire you to “make sh*t happen”. We’ll also give you the practical tools and recommendations you need to create positive change in your life. We’re tired of that old “New Year, New You,” refrain; this year, let’s set realistic goals that actually matter, and follow through with them.
So, stay tuned for some awesome kick ass content this month. Can’t wait to crush our goals in 2017 together!
xx, B

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