This Line Sold Out On Revolve Last Season—Here's What You Need to Buy When It Drops

With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram—and collabs with celebs and influencers with much greater reach—Revolve has quickly become one of fashion’s biggest trendsetting brands.
The company vaulted onto the scene a few years ago, pouring money into their influencer marketing budget to seed clothing and accessories with social media’s top users. From the outside, people were like … “Revolve, who?” But after just a few short months of investing in paid posts and hosting ‘gram-worthy parties like #RevolveWinterFormal, the fledgling company had made its mark.

Now, Revolve is a launching pad for the best up-and-coming designs and talent in ready-to-wear fashion. The brand has also spent the last year building out their athleisure options, and has become the go-to site for sartorially minded fitness lovers to shop.
So when we found out the ultra-feminine, super sexy brand BELOFORTE drops their new Fall 2017 collection on the site next week, we were stoked. Last season, the brand totally sold out on Revolve, and we forecast that this launch will be equally successful.

Beloforte on Revolve

The brainchild of fitness trainer Whitney Quaresma, BELOFORTE designs are sexy and stylish, but strong enough to hold up to any workout (and support you as you kick ass and take names). Drawing inspiration from the strong, sexy, and boldly feminine world of boudoir fashion, BELOFORTE introduces its Fall 2017 collection, utilizing their highest quality performance fabric yet.
We love that BELOFORTE has an eco-friendly take on fitness fashion, too. The brand integrates sustainable fabrics into its garments as often as possible and manufactures the line in Southern California. Not only is local production better for the environment, it also means that the BELOFORTE team can ensure quality control over every piece in the collection.
Beloforte launches on Revolve

Check out the new pieces on and Revolve, today. Stand outs include the figure accentuating leggings with satin elastics accents and Beloforte’s signature mesh detailing in an all new color palette of dusty rose and navy.

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