Kayla Itsines Just Broke Five World Records In One Day

Is there anything she can't do?

Kayla Itsines has done the impossible more times than we can count.
She’s the only trainer who’s ever inspired us to commit to a 12-week workout program, she’s somehow convinced us to love burpees (or at least, the results that we see after doing them!), and she’s got a casual 5.8 million followers on Instagram—more than any other fitness account on the platform.

And she’s done it again

Itsines shattered five Guinness World Records last Thursday—with the help of her fans, of course. The BBG Community, who loving refer to themselves as #KaylasArmy, joined forces in Melbourne, Australia to become the largest group to complete five different athletic achievements:

  • Most people performing star jumps
  • Most people running in place simultaneously
  • Most people doing sit-ups simultaneously
  • Most people performing lunges
  • Most people performing squats

Photography: Jeremy Simons
Photography: Jeremy Simons

The Guinness World Record official adjudicator was on hand to witness and confirm the successful record attempt. And, everyone who participated in the event got treated to a super sweaty boot camp workout lead by Itsines and her partner, Toby Pearce, and accompanied by DJ Tigerlily. Break a world record and sweat with Kayla IRL? Sounds like the best day ever.
Kayla Itsines, World records, BBG
Photography: Jeremy Simons

In honor of Kayla’s amazing success, we’ll be adding her three favorite moves into our morning workout—box jumpsburpee box jumps, and commandos.
According to Itsines:

“I’m a plyometric trainer so my first one which I love is jump training. I love box jumps. So jumping onto boxes and jumping onto anything pretty much. I absolutely love that in combination with burpees which are another full body exercise. So you could do a burpee box jump. Instead of jumping up in the air, you jump up on a box which I make a lot of my girls do. That’s specifically targeting your legs and your glutes. The next one would be push ups. You can do them lots of different ways. For example, caterpillar push ups where you do a push up and walk your feet into your hands and then walk them back out again. Or commandos, where you’re in a plank position and lift yourself up into a push up position and come back down to use your core as well.”

If it’s good enough for Kayla, it’s good enough for us!

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