It's Official: These 3 Sneakers Make Any Outfit Stylish

Getting dressed never felt so easy.

There’s a fine line between collecting and hoarding. Speak to our husbands, housemates and partners and they’d say we were hoarders but ask any sneaker enthusiast and they’d call us collectors.
It’s one of many things we agree on here at Amodrn: leggings are acceptable pants, avocado goes with everything and you can never have too many sneakers. That being said, if you’re limited for space (we can’t all be Carrie Bradshaw), we’re going to let you in on a little style secret: at the very least, you need three pairs—one pale pair, one dark pair and one colourful, statement pair.
Selecting your white and black kicks is fairly simple. They’re versatile staples and there are so many good ones to choose from, but the third is not so easy. The main criterion for your expressive pair is this: pick ones that make you feel really good. Choose the pair that says, “This is who I am.” Feminine and reserved with a touch of wild? Go pink with a hint of leopard print—if you’re going to make a statement, make sure it’s one you want to make.

Nike Air Max
Bianca wears the Nike Air Max

Finding these sneakers will revolutionise getting dressed. Why? Because you’ll always be expressing yourself and that’s what fashion is all about. Feel too girly in a flirty, floral dress or too stuffy in something corporate? Your sneakers will fix that.
But we’re not going to hand you this pearl of wisdom and then send you off to peruse the shelves. Oh no, when it comes to searching for this iconic footwear, we’d recommend the Nike Air Max. Why? Because this shoe is seriously iconic and there are so many designs to choose from.
Ok, we’re going to geek out for a second … Nike Air Max’s were first invented (yes, they’re epic, so we’re saying invented) in 1987. Up until that point, sneakers were essentially sports shoes. The Air Max changed this. It represents a point in history where innovation met style and the consumer understood the creator. What are we talking about? Air, literally.
Nike Air Max
Bianca wears the Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max
Bianca wears the Nike Air Max

Nike introduced its Air Cushioning Technology in 1979 and embedded it in the midsoles of its shoes. This was revolutionary for sportswear as it improved support, comfort and performance. As the cushioning grew bigger to enhance the shoe’s functionality for sport, it began to compromise on style but the Nike Air Max changed this. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the sneaker exposed what had previously been hidden: the technology behind the shoe. The everyday consumer could see and understand the science as well as the style, and so a new appreciation for sneakers was born.
Every year, on March 26 (otherwise known as Nike Air Max Day), artists and designers pay homage to the iconic shoe by reinventing its design. Because of this, there are so many weird and whacky ones to choose from making it easy to find a pair as unique as you are. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites. Go on, express yourself.
Better yet, customise your own via Nike iD.

Bianca wears the Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max
Bianca wears the Nike Air Max

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