5 All-Natural Indie Beauty Brands You Haven't Discovered Yet

We've rounded up mineral makeup, natural SPF protection, and more.

Although they don’t have quite the same following as AvedaBareescentuals, or Kora Organics (yet!) these indie natural beauty brands still deserve your attention. Right now entrepreneurs are tearing up the beauty space with new innovations in all-natural makeup and skin care, from mineral-based and antioxidant-rich sun protection, to Paleo products that promise to protect and nourish your complexion.
Keep scrolling and ahead you’ll find five such indie brands that we bet none of your friends have discovered yet.


Image via Fatco

You always assumed the term “Paleo” only applied to food, right? Well, wrong – you can Paleo-ify your face too. Fatco is a skin care company that operates under the same principles as the caveman diet, and is even certified by the Paleo Foundation.
If you’re squeamish (or vegan), now is the time to look away, because the key ingredient in this line is tallow, the fat derived from grass-fed cows, mutton, and bison that also contains skin-friendly vitamins A, D, E, and K. My personal favorite product from the Fatco line is the brand’s cleansing oil – I swear nothing removes eye makeup more effectively.
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Image via Itiba

Summer might be long gone, but you can still smell like you’re enjoying a tropical get-away with indie beauty brand, Itiba. Every item in the line of body butters and serums is handmade in the U.S. Virgin Islands from plant-based ingredients and fragrant essential oils. Naturally, there are no nasties, and the entire line is free of parabens and animal products.
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Laqa & Co.

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Image via Laqa & Co.

First, there are a few obvious things you’ll love about this boutique, New York-based cosmetic company, such as the natural, hydrating ingredients in the lip gloss offering, and the cute colors available throughout the nail varnish line. Then, you’ll notice the really clever, convenient innovations woven throughout the collection that really sets it apart. Like the high gloss nail lacquer that’s actually a pen, so you can do your nails absolutely anywhere in just a few clicks, or the lip pencil that doesn’t need a sharpener.
The packaging is all created by emerging artists who get a cut of the sale, which is a cute, and very Instagram-friendly detail. Prices range from $13 for a nail polish to $22 for a lip pencil.
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Image via Suntegrity

They say prevention is better than a cure, and the same goes for skin care. However, if you’re skeptical about the chemicals some brands put in their SPF products, it might be worth looking into a natural, mineral-based alternative, like Suntegrity.
This up-and-comer uses a physical sun block ingredient, non-nano size zinc oxide, in its SPF 30 face and body products to offer UVA/UVB protection. Meanwhile, the anti-oxidant and amino acid-rich formula also helps the skin to repair.
Not sure which product to try first? I recommend swapping out your regular tinted moisturizer for the 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen ($45), which not only protects your face from the sun and provides natural coverage, but is packed with antioxidants and may even help with skin conditions like rosacea and acne.

Lük Beautifood

Image via Luk Beautifood

Natural beauty buffs, this is the brand you’ve been looking for. Made with a powerful lineup of nutrient-rich foods, it’s 100 percent natural and free of toxins. Equally important: Many of the products will stand up against even non-natural makeup brands when it comes to coverage and color. In fact, the tinted moisturizer and Nude Cinnamon Lip Nourish (which contains nourishing avocado and cocoa butter oil) are actually two of my favorite everyday beauty items of all time.
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