In The Kitchen With Digestive Health Expert, Robyn Youkilis

Peek into the real-life fridge and pantry of a health coach.

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Aaaaand we’re back with another Dishing with Amodrn! Are you as hungry as we are yet?
Joining us this week is TV host, health coach and digestive health expert, Robyn Youkilis. As a busy mom and best-selling author, Robyn shares her personal go-to’s and health hacks, dishing out everything that’s going on in her kitchen! And spoiler alert: it’s not all what you might expect. (For one, we’ve finally found someone who doesn’t start their mornings with lemon water!).  
Read on for our exclusive Q&A, and don’t miss Robyn’s IG takeover on @sporteluxe this week for an even deeper #nofilter peek behind-the-scenes into her fridge and pantry.  
dishing with sporteluxe

First thing in the am, what is your go-to wellness food/drink you consume?

I like to drink a BIG glass of water first thing when I wake up. Water helps get things moving in your digestive system and is essential for a happy, healthy body. I keep a large Mason jar filled up with water on my nightstand so it’s there for me right when I wake up.
After my water I’ll make some sort of tea or blended drink, usually my Magical Morning Matcha (recipe is on my blog and in my book Thin From Within!). In addition to matcha, coconut butter and collagen powder, I add one or two adaptogenic herbs to my drink depending on how I feel and what I need that day.
My daughter has been going through a growth spurt (which means less sleep for this mama) so lately, my go-to adaptogens have been maca (I love the New Chapter Fermented Maca Booster Powder) for energy and hormonal balance, and ashwagandha for a healthy stress response. I like to wait a little later to have breakfast, but if I’m hungry I’ll have a boiled egg, some fruit or one of my infamous Power Yogurt Parfaits.

What is the weirdest thing in the name of wellness that you have consumed?

Cod liver. Maybe you’ve heard of cod liver oil (maybe your mom made you take it when you were younger!) but I’m talking about actual cod liver filets. I started incorporating cod liver into my diet when I was pregnant with my daughter because it’s a great source of omega 3s and healthy fats, which are super important for the baby’s brain development.
I order the King Oscar Norwegian Cod Liver online and will add it to salads or bowls as a nutrient-packed protein.

dishing with sporteluxe

If you could pick 3 foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Cheese, bread and butter. Not what you expected from a health coach, eh?

What food habits do most people not know about you?

I can’t eat without a napkin on my lap and I detest using plastic silverware. My mom is Canadian and I grew up eating in a more “proper” fashion.
Also, I really don’t like lemon water in the morning. It makes me nauseous. No matter how many people I hear talk about how good it is for your digestion, I can’t do it. And guess what? I’m okay with that. My food philosophy is that your body knows what it needs to feel it’s best and so if you can’t get down with lemon water (or kale salad, or a grain-free diet, or whatever!), that’s okay. Listen to YOUR body.

Name your No. 1 must-have in your kitchen.

It’s a tie between my Vitamix blender and my teapot. I use both almost every day.

dishing with sporteluxe

Fav healthy beverage?

Kombucha. I used to be a soda girl so kombucha has been a great “upgraded” bubbly drink for me since I kicked my Diet Coke habit 10 years ago. I remember when you could only find kombucha at health foods stores and some Whole Foods. Now it’s available almost everywhere, from Trader Joe’s to the corner bodega.
Quick tip with booch: You’ll want to drink in much smaller portions than a whole bottle — only up to 4 ounces at a time. I like to mix mine with sparkling water too.

Go-to guilty pleasure?

I don’t like to use the words “guilty pleasure” or “cheat meal.” I try not to label foods as good or bad, on or off limits. Before I eat anything, I connect to my intuition and ask what would be supportive. Sometimes that’s my Rule of 5 Plate from Thin From Within and yes, sometimes that’s pizza! It’s all about the intention behind it and the connection you keep to your body while you’re eating. But if there was one food it would definitely be fancy desserts! I love going out to eat and ordering something off the dessert menu that I’d never make for myself at home.

dishing with sporteluxe

Bedtime snack?

Herbal tea and really good chocolate. I also love dried figs dipped in peanut butter.

If I looked in your fridge now, what’s the first thing that we would see?

Lots of greens, lots of fermented foods and lots of yogurt! 

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