Improved Digestion, Hormone Regulation—Ladies, We've Found A Protein Powder That Does It All

Here's how to know you're getting the good stuff!

protein powder
Image: Happy Way

Choosing the right protein powder that ticks all the right boxes is a tough gig. You have to consider things like taste, texture, ingredients (all of which can be an automatic deal-breaker) not to mention the challenge of trying to make sense of all the different types available.
You see, we’ve come a long way since the only protein powder on the market came in massive black tubs with the words ‘shred’ and ‘gains’ stamped across the front in big angry lettering, obviously catering to gym junkies and muscle heads alike—which then left you wondering how protein powder could actually benefit you if you didn’t want to ‘bulk up’ despite all the claims that you ‘need protein powder in your life’.

protein powder
Image: Happy Way

But what we all know by now is that there’s more to protein powder than the fact that it can help you build muscle. No matter what your fitness level or body composition goals, protein powder can play a part in any healthy, balanced diet. It does so by helping with weight management, satiety and assists in post-exercise recovery, just to name a few—and if you choose one that boasts a number of other nutritional values, then you really are onto a winner.
Enter: Happy Way.
First and foremost, you’d be happy to know that Happy Way’s all-natural protein powder comes in pretty packaging without the words ‘shred’ or ‘gains’ in sight. It offers both organic whey and vegan options and is available in a range of different flavours including ‘Vanilla Ice Ice Baby’, ‘Cacao Mint Hemp’ and ‘De Ja Brew Coffee’, cute huh?
protein powder
Image: Happy Way

Apart from the fact that their products are free from refined sugar and other artificial nasties that are commonly found in protein powder, what we love most about Happy Way is that their mission is to develop a holistic approach towards women’s health and contribute to the overall development of women’s nutrition.
It’s perfect for busy-mums-on the go and anyone that loves to get creative in the kitchen. Not only do their range of protein powders taste great in the shaker (read: not chalky AT ALL), they make a tasty addition to your healthy sweet treats. Mini lemon and coconut cake, anyone?
Here are just some ingredients to look out for across their range and how they can help benefit your overall nutrition.
Oh, and you can consider your search for the right protein powder, over.

Organic coconut flour

Coconut flour is super high in fibre which can aid in digestive health and help keep you regular.

Superfood mix (Organic chia seeds, Psyllium husk)

Chia seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids and are also high in fibre and protein. Psyllium husk is a superstar in keeping everything moving along nicely as well.

Organic maca powder

Maca powder is associated with the regulation of hormones as well as increased energy levels, libido and fertility.

Organic cacao

Cacao is a great source of antioxidants as well as magnesium which many women lack in their diets.

Maqui berry

The Maqui berry is extremely high in antioxidants and also helps regulate blood glucose levels.
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