I tried anti-gravity aerial yoga and loved it!

Turn your practice upside down.

Bianca Cheah, Anti gravity yoga, Gold Coast Yoga

You’re probably wondering if anti-gravity aerial yoga is the same as mat-based yoga? Well the answer is yes. The only (slightly obvious) difference is that you’re suspended from a very soft and comfortable hammock.
My first thoughts were, “this will be a piece of cake!” But it turns out aerial yoga utilises a different set of muscle groups to what you would use in a traditional, mat-based practice. Warning: you will feel the burn, the good kind.
From what I experienced at the Yoga Shed on the Gold Coast, some yoga poses were relatively easier as I had a piece of material to aid with my balance (like Half-moon and Down Dog). Whereas others, including upside down inversions, were a tad trickier. Overall, I felt that I could lengthen and stretch my body far greater than what I could on a mat.
So, setting aside the thigh and shoulder burn (I did warn you), Marisa (Yoga Shed founder) had me into some awesome poses. Looking back at the pictures (scroll down to see) I’m surprised I didn’t fall flat on my face. But rest assured, Marisa is a fantastic instructor and I felt super safe in her professional hands. Thank’s Marisa if you’re reading this 🙂
Would I do anti-gravity aerial yoga again? For sure! It’s definitely a fun and unqiue workout. And coming from me, I highly recommend one of Marisa’s classes from the Yoga Shed on the Gold Coast.

Anti-gravity aerial yoga

Studio: Yoga Shed Gold Coast
Address: 4 Brightlands Court Mermaid Waters, QLD. Australia

Yoga Shed, Bianca Cheah, Gold Coast, anti gravity yogaYoga Shed, Bianca Cheah, Gold Coast, anti gravity yogaYoga Shed, Bianca Cheah, Gold Coast, anti gravity yogaYoga Shed, Bianca Cheah, Gold Coast, anti gravity yoga

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