I Have Over 30 Pairs of Exercise Leggings And I Always Wear These Ones

From Amodrn's own to Year Of Ours, keep reading below for the absolute top exercise leggings we can't live without.

9 best leggings

Finding the right pair of leggings is a daunting, yet inevitable task. We might not always need a new sundress or a great pair of heels, but a comfortable legging is required always. From running errands to exercise and even going out (we’re looking at you, leather), there’s nothing they can’t do. Because I work in wellness, I’m constantly researching what the best ones on the market are as well as trying them on for size. I’m looking out for comfort level, how durable they are during exercise, how good they look on, and design quality. On top of this, I also love to be able to transition from task to task in leggings, so a good stretch is always key as well.
Compiling a master list when you’ve got over 30 plus pairs of leggings is difficult, but these are my absolute favorite exercise leggings that I’m constantly wearing to yoga, the gym, or on a grocery run. You’ll be surrounded by the stretch, flexibility, and softness that all the leggings in the world couldn’t give you. From Amodrn’s own exercise line to Year Of Our’s, keep reading below for the absolute top leggings I cannot live without!

Our Top 9 Favorite Pairs Of Leggings We Love

1) Amodrn Launch Black Legging ($32)

Amodrn activewear black leggings
Image: Amodrn Apparel

Definitely one of our top picks. This legging is an exercise essential, the classic staple every woman needs in their life. They’re flattering, comfortable and feature a high waistband for added confidence and shape. Shop here.

2) Sita NYC Lined Legging ($295)

best black leggings

This exercise legging is one of a kind, lined with our lightweight fabric it lets you go free and safe with absolutely no lines showing through. The waistband hides silicon microdots that subtle grip to your body and keeps this elongating silhouette in place. Shop here.

3) Year Of Ours Ribbed Football Legging ($118)

best black leggings
Image: Year Of Ours

Built tough, just like Year of Ours entire exercise line. Add a little bit of glam to your workout with this crossover band with grommets and tie detailing. Shop here.

4) Outdoor Voices TechSweat 7/8 Flex Leggings ($75)

black leggings
Image: Outdoor Voices

The best choice for high sweat activity. Made in Outdoor Voices’ lightweight, breathable TechSweat™ fabric featuring a soft, flexible waistband for unrestricted movement. Shop the brand here.

5) Gymshark Womens Flex High Waisted Legging ($50)

best leggings
Image: Gymshark

The High Waisted Flex Leggings combine the signature sculpting and seamless knit of the original Flex with Gymshark’s famously flattering high-waisted fit. Non-slip, breathable and supportive. Shop here.

6) Nike Sculpt Women’s Yoga Training Tights ($60)

best leggings
Image: Nike

The high-stretch fabric of the Nike Sculpt Tights makes them super ideal for your yoga workout. Their high-rise waistband enhances coverage as you bend and stretch, while graduated compression targets key muscle groups for a sculpted look. Shop here.

7) Lululemon Align Pant ($98)

best leggings
Image: lululemon

Focus on your practice in the Align yoga collection, designed to free you from distraction and embrace your every move. Shop here.

8) Zella Live In High Waist Leggings ($59)

best leggings ever
Image: Zella

Built from moisture-wicking fabric and fitted with a no-slip waistband, these stretchy, figure-sculpting leggings keep you cool during your workout. Shop here.

9) Varley Boden Tight Leggings ($65)

best leggings ever
Image: Bandier

Show off your legs in this cute pink number. We’re obsessed with the delicate detailing on these leggings. Shop here.
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